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2002-2014 WRX, 2004-2019STi, 2005-2009 Legacy GT, 2006-2009 Legacy GT Spec B, 2005-2009 Outback XT, 2004-2013 Forester XT, 2009-2010 2.5GT

Congratulations on your purchase of the COBB Tuning Heat Shield! The following instructions will assist you through your installation process. Please read them first BEFORE beginning the install and familiarize yourself with the steps and tools needed. If you feel that you cannot properly perform this installation, we HIGHLY recommend you take the vehicle to a qualified and experienced automotive technician.

Part List

  • COBB Tuning Heat Shield

Tools Needed

  • 10mm Socket
  • Socket Wrench (We recommend  3/8" drive)
  • 10mm Open/boxed Socket Wrench

Removal of Stock Heat shield

  1. Remove the 7 bolts holding the factory heat shield to the downpipe and up-pipe brackets. Make sure to leave the bracket that holds the heat shield to the downpipe in place. This will be retained for the installation of the COBB Heat Shield.

Installation of the COBB Tuning Heat shield

  1. Install the COBB Tuning Heat Shield using the 3 factory locations on the up-pipe and downpipe brackets shown below. It is slightly easier to install the up-pipe location first as it is the hardest to get to. Due to the fact that there is variance in each car as well as each heat shield, it may take slight work to get get all 3 holes to line up. 
    1. NOTE: Please make certain that no wiring or wiring harnesses contact the heatshield. Failure to do so could result in a short or electrical malfunction.


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