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Congratulations on your purchase of the COBB Tuning Double Adjustable Short Throw Shifter for the Subaru WRX and LGT (5-Speed). The following instructions should assist you through your installation process. Please read them first before beginning the install. If you feel that you cannot properly perform this installation, we HIGHLY recommend you take the vehicle to a qualified mechanic.

Part List

  • Instructions
  • Double Adjustable Short Shifter
  • 3mm Allen Key

Tools Needed

  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • (2) 12mm Wrench (box end preferred)
  • 10mm Socket and Ratchet Drive
  • 10mm Wrench
  • C-Clip Pliers
  • 3mm Allen Key (included in kit)

NOTE: Make sure all components are clear of manufacturing residue and packing materials before installation.

Removal of Factory Shift Lever

  1. Remove the shift knob by unscrewing it counter-clockwise. Pull up on the rear of the center console shifter surround trim piece to remove it from the console.

  2.  Disconnect the wiring harness for the lighter so that the surround can be placed aside. This will make it easier to work without scratching the center console or the center console shifter surround trim piece. 

  3. Use the two 12mm boxed end wrenches, one on either side , remove the bolt that holds the shift lever to the shift linkage as shown in the picture below. Do not misplace the nut and bolt, as they will be reused with the COBB Tuning Shift Lever.

  4. Next, remove the c-clip that holds the bottom cup in. You may have to purchase/borrow a pair of c-clip pliers in order to complete this step.

  5.  Remove the sleeve and bushings form the barrel of the factory lever. These will be reused with the COBB Tuning Shifter. Save the bottom bushing cup and snap ring for reuse as well.

Installation of the COBB Tuning Double Adjustable Short Throw Shifter

  1. One removed, apply grease from the original shift lever's ball to the new shifter lever's ball. This will ensure smooth operation. Install the bushing from the center of the stock lever to the COBB shifter. Also install the cup bushing to the ball on the bottom of the COBB shifter.

  2. Loosen the clamp screw that holds the upper portion of the lever and remove the upper shaft. Now, tighten the screws to make sure that the lower section with the ball is secure in the center section. The screw uses a 3mm hex head wrench. It does not take much torque to hold them together securely, torque to 40 in-lb. If you over-tighten the screw it may strip the threads on the aluminum center section. COBB Tuning is not responsible for damage due to over-torquing the screw.

  3. Place the new shifter with bushing cup back into the socket as it was from the factory. This normally is a simple operation, and should not require much force. Re-secure the c-clip to hod the bushing cup and lower ball in place.

  4. Before attaching to the shift linkage, apply a small amount of grease to both sides of the bushings used in the new shifter. There may be an extra on the ball or the socket to use.

  5.  Attach the linkage to the shift lever using the factory hardware that was removed previously and the to 12mm boxed end wrenches. This should be hand tight (approximately 12-15 ft/lbs of torque). The following pictures show the linkage attached. Note that the barrel should be oriented toward the front. Reinstall the top portion of the lever to the center section.

  6. You may want to take the time to remove the metal surround that holds down the rubber gasket. Remove the four 10mm bolts and maneuver it out of the car. Trim the upper left edge where the linkage goes by to allow more clearance for the linkage, as it will be slightly higher to get the the geometry for a shorter throw.

  7.  This is a good time to set the throw and height of the shift lever, as the shift boot is not covering the clamp screws. If you want to adjust the throw (length of the distance from one gear to another) of the lever the lower portion needs to be adjusted. If you desire the shortest throw, you will want to have the lower section as long as possible. However there are space limitations  in the chassis and shift linkage. If you go too long on the bottom section, the linkage will sandwich the rubber gasket in between the chassis and shift linkage. This can increase shift effort, causing you to not be able to go into first or third, and wear a hole in the rubber gasket. We usually set it so that there is the slightest amount of clearance so the throw can be as short as possible without causing issues. To see the height of the shift knob, simply adjust the top portion of the lever to what is comfortable for you. Again when tightening the clamp screws do not over tighten them, torque them to 40 in-lbs.

  8. Remove the shift knob so that you can reinstall the center console shifter surround trim piece making sure to reattach the wiring harness for the lighter and screw the shift knob back into place making sure it is tight. Make sure the shift boot pops onto the lip of the shift knob. 

  9. Congratulations and enjoy shifting with your new COBB Tuning Double Adjustable Short Shifter. Future adjustments can be made very easily by just removing the center console shifter surround trim piece as the clamp screws are easily accessible.


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