Evo X Fuel Pump Relay Replacement

Evo X & Lancer RA Fuel Pump Relay Symptoms and Replacement

Applicable Vehicle:

  • Mitsubushi Evo X (all trim levels)
  • Lancer Ralliart
    • 2008-2015

The fuel pump relay on the 2008+ Evolution X is a common trouble area. The most common symptom of a bad relay is the car running lean. Typically, the "black" relay is bad and should be replaced with the updated blue relay. The relay is located in the engine bay fuse box as seen below. The part number from Mitsubishi is 8627A024. 

Newer model EVO X vehicles (Final Edition) may already have an updated fuel pump relay from the factory. These are generally a Panasonic part number. 

AFR Comparison

Here you can see with the stock black relay the AFR line shown in red shoots very lean as engine speed/load increases. After swapping out with the updated blue relay, shown in green its very stable and maintains the correct richer AFR as engine speed/load increases.

Here, you can see the contacts inside of the relay are burnt out. Therefore, the relay can't make a solid connection, so it never switches to high speed mode and the vehicle runs lean.


Replacement Relay Part 8627A024 

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