Volkswagen Monitor List - Mk6 GTI


Volkswagen MK6 GTI - Monitor Descriptions For Accesstuner And Accessport



This document provides descriptions of each of the data monitors available to view and log in the current Accesstuner software and Accessport firmware for the Volkswagen vehicles listed below. Not all monitors are available for all vehicles due to differences in vehicle hardware and/or engine control unit (ECU) capabilities.

Applicable Volkswagen Models

The following USDM Volkswagen models are applicable to this document:

  • USDM Volkswagen MK6 GTI MT / DST

Monitor Descriptions (in alphabetical order)

  • Note: Monitors with ** indicate an automatically set Accessport default data log parameter

APP - Accelerator Pedal Position Accelerator pedal opening angle percentage as determined by the accelerator position sensor. 

APP (Filtered) - Accelerator Pedal Position (Filtered) ECU's filtered accelerator pedal opening angle percentage as determined by the accelerator position sensor. 

AFR Air/fuel ratio based on the front oxygen sensor.

AFR (Filtered) Air/fuel ratio based on the front oxygen sensor after filtering by the ecu.

AFR Commanded (Final) ECU's desired Air/fuel ratio.

Air Filter Pressure Drop  Current modeled value for air filter pressure drop.

Airflow Rate (Nominal) Nominal airflow calculated. 

Airflow Rate (Temp. Adjusted) Airflow calculated with temperature compensations. 

Altitude Corr. Fact. ECU's current altitude correction factor used for load and fuel corrections. 

Ambient Air Temp.  Ambient temperature reading.

Ambient Pressure Ambient pressure reading used for altitude calculation and compensations.

Battery Voltage Current battery/charging system voltage. 

Boost Error Modeled boost deviation from target.

Boost Pressure Gauge Pressure readings from MAP sensor. (This monitor only displays pressure values.  See: Manifold Abs. Pressure for related vacuum readings)

Camshaft Inlet Angle Fact. Factor used for timing and fuel calculations. 

Cam Angle Actual Current camshaft angle value, also used for fuel and ignition calculations.

Cam Angle Setpoint Current camshaft target angle value.

Clutch Switch Clutch position reported from clutch pedal switch.

Coolant Temp. Engine coolant temperature. 

Cruise Control Input Status of the cruise control system. Used for Launch control system.

EGR Filling EGR filling calculation based from modeling used for boost control system.

EGT (Manifold) Modeled exhaust gas temperature in the manifold.

EGR Pressure Modeled exhaust gas pressure.

Engine Temp. Engine temperature.

ETC Angle (Actual)  Current throttle blade position as reported by the ETC sensor. 

ETC Angle (Target) ECU's desired throttle angle. 

Exhaust Gas Mass Pre-Turbo Modeled airflow mass pre-turbo charger. 

Fan PWM ECU current fan duty cycle.

FFS Rev limit Current flat foot shift rev limit.

FFS State Current flat foot state (0 = Inactive / 1 = Active).

Filling to Pressure Factor  Factor used in boost targeting and load calculation

Filtered EGT Filtered exhaust gas temperature in the manifold. 

Fuel Flow Current fuel flow in ML / s. 

Fuel Offset (Component Protect) Fuel adjustment for component protection.

Fuel Quality Fuel quality value. 0 (Good) normal 1 (Poor) persistent knock present.

Fuel Rail Diff. Press. ECU's calculated fuel rail differential pressure. 

Fuel Temp. (LPS) Low pressure system fuel temperature. 

Fuel Temp. (Rail) Modeled fuel temperature in the high pressure rail.  

Gear Current Current actual gear

Gear Target  Current target gear.

HPFP Adaption Total adaption amount to maintain pressure

HPFP Integral I-component of HPFP Adaption

HPFP Proportional P-component of HPFP Adaption

HPFP Compression Stroke N/A

HPFP Volume Compressed N/A

HPFP Fuel Quantity N/A

HPFP Total Delivery Angle Solenoid Actuation total

HPFP End Angle N/A

HPFP Start Angle N/A

IAT Intake air temperature. I/C Pressure Drop (Modeled) Modeled pressure drop across the inter-cooler.

Ignition Timing (Cam Control) Output of ignition from cam dependent modeling logic.

Ignition Timing (Final) Final ignition after compensations.

Ignition Timing (Optimal at Stoich) Output of ignition from torque dependent modeling logic for 1 lambda.

Ignition Timing (Optimal) Current ignition value for optimal conditions.

Injection End Angle End of injection.

Injection Time Injection time.

Knock Retard (Cont. Knock) Reduction value for continuous knock events.

Knock Retard Cyl. 1 Knock Retard for cylinder 1

Knock Retard Cyl. 2 Knock Retard for cylinder 2

Knock Retard Cyl. 3 Knock Retard for cylinder 3*

Knock Retard Cyl. 4 Knock Retard for cylinder 4

LC Activation Delay Current launch control activation delay from table data.

LC Active Time Launch control active time maximum from table data. The Launch Control Timeout defines the maximum time Launch Control can be active.

LC ETC Target ETC target while in launch control.

LC Engine Load Target Load target while in launch control from Load Target table.

LC Rev Limit Engine RPM target while in launch control from Rev Limit (LC) table .

LC State Current launch control state (0 = Inactive / 1 = Active).

Load Actual Current load value achieved by the ECU. 

Load Request (Max)  Maximum possible load. (Ceiling)

Long Term Fuel Trim Long term fuel trims stored by ecu. ( Value of 1 = 0% correction | Value of 1.1 = 10% fuel added | Value of 90 = -10% fuel removed) 

MAF Mass air flow in g/s.

MAF Correction Factor Mass air flow correction factor from MAF Correction Map table.

MAF Period Input axis value for MAF scaling Table.

Manifold Abs. Pressure Pressure taken from the intake manifold. 

Manifold Press. to Ambient Ratio Pressure ratio used in load calculations.

Mileage Current mileage reading. 

Min. Ign. Timing Lowest possible ignition value from min. ignitions tables.

Oil Temp. (Cylinder Head) Modeled oil temperature. 

Oil Temp. (Motor) Engine oil temperature.

Oil Temp. (Sump Modeled) Modeled oil temperature. 

P Ratio Current calculated pressure ratio. 

Pre-Throttle Boost Pressure Boost pressure before throttle. Used in WGDC and requested boost calculations.

Rail Pressure Fuel rail pressure.

Rail Pressure(Filtered) ECU filtered fuel rail pressure.

Rail Pressure (Max Commanded) Maximum fuel rail pressure from table request. *Rail Pressure Commanded Actual fuel pressure request. 

Relative Fuel Mass Total Total Relative fuel mass as calculated via the ECU.

Relative Manifold Pressure Gauge Intake manifold pressure reading.

RPM Engine speed in crankshaft revolutions per minute based on the crankshaft position sensor.

Short Term Fuel Trim Current fuel trim stored and calculated by the ECU.  

Steering Angle Steering wheel angle reported from steering angle sensor, used in launch control safety system.

Trgt. Boost Press. Target boost pressure calculated to achieve load targets.  

Target Filling Target calculated cylinder filling used in load targeting and calculation.

Throttle Angle for 95% Filling Throttle angle to achieve 95% cylinder filling at given throttle position.  

Torque (Actual) Calculated current torque output.

Torque (Modeled) Modeled torque value.

Transmission Type Transmission type. (0 Manual / 1 Automatic/DSG) 

Tumble Flap Position Current intake runner valve position.

Tumble Flap Position (Commanded) Commanded intake runner valve position.

Turbine Press. Delta Pressure ratio delta.

Turbine Press. to Mass Flow Ratio Pressure ratio used in airflow modeling. 

Vehicle Acceleration 

Vehicle Speed Current Vehicle Speed.

WG Integral Fact. Current calculated wastegate duty cycle integral factor.

WG PID Result WGDC result after PID correction.

WG Proportional Fact. Current calculated wastegate duty cycle proportional factor.

WGDC Current actual WGDC.

Wheel Speed FL Current wheel speed reported from Front Left sensor.

Wheel Speed FL Current wheel speed reported from Front Right sensor.

Wheel Speed RL Current wheel speed reported from Rear Left sensor.

Wheel Speed RR Current wheel speed reported from Rear Right sensor.

Default Log List

• AFR 
• AFR Commanded (Final) 
• Accelerator Pedal Position 
• Boost Pressure 
• Cam Angle Actual 
• Coolant Temp. 
• ETC Angle (Actual) 
• ETC Angle (Target) 
• FFS State
• Ignition Timing (Final) 
• IAT,Knock Retard Cyl 1 
• Knock Retard Cyl 2 
• Knock Retard Cyl. 3 
• Knock Retard Cyl. 4 
• LC State 
• Load Actual 
• Load Request (Max) 
• Long Term Fuel Trim 
• MAF 
• Mileage 
• RPM 
• Rail Pressure Actual 
• Rail Pressure Commanded 
• Short Term Fuel Trim 
• Target Filling
• Target Boost Pressure 
• Tumble Flap Position 
• WGDC Target (Modeled) 

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