2019 - 2021 GTI Consolidated ROM

In order to take advantage of updates done by VW involving various systems and how the rom operates, we've consolidated the 2019-2021 cars to the most recent variant.  This also means for protuners you'll only need to have one map for a larger range of vehicles.  However there are some tables that aren't used on older vehicles that you'll need to change if importing a calibration from any of the older ROM variants.


  • To get on a consolidated ROM
    • If you aren't currently on a consolidated (COBB02) ROM, you'll need to uninstall from the vehicle, then reinstall to the vehicle, this will allow you to go to the newer consolidated ROM.
  • Existing Custom Maps
    • You will be able to flash an existing custom map for your older ROM if you choose, but you will need to do this from an uninstalled state, or from another map of that ROM, rather than from a map on the consolidated ROM.
  • Do I have to change?
    • No, you can still use your existing maps or any custom maps for your specific rom that the protuner may make.  To get the most recent updates, fixes and maps from COBB you will need to use the consolidated ROM

Tables to Change

When changing an older ROM to the newer updated ROM, there are a few tables you'll need to update in order to ensure the car starts appropriately when cold.  Many of these tables are zeroed out in the older ROM variants but actively used in the newer revision used for our consolidated ROM.

  • Cam Timing
    •  Cam Position at Idle 1

      Differences Stock to Stock

    •  Cam Position at Idle 2

      Differences Stock to Stock

  • Fuel Tables
    • Cranking Fuel Tables
      •  Cranking HP Double Injection

        Differences Stock to Stock

      •  Cranking HP Single Injection

        Differences Stock to Stock

      •  Cranking HP Triple Injection

        Differences Stock to Stock

      •  Cranking HP Triple Injection Homogenous

        Differences Stock to Stock

      •  Cranking LP Single Injection

        Differences Stock to Stock

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