Nissan Car Will Not Flash

Accessport Will Not Flash - Drive Cycle Warning

Applicable Vehicle:

  • Nissan GT-R
    • 2009 - 2018

When installing/uninstalling/changing maps, if certain conditions are not met the Accessport will give off a warning of "Drive Cycle Needed".  This warning typically indicates that the climate control system is "On" and needs to be turned off. Also make sure that the head lights are "Off" as well. You will want to ensure the vehicle is on but not running. To achieve this, you will press tthe "Start" button twice without your feet on any of the pedals. This will place the vehicle in position 2 for flashing. Without turning off the climate control system the GT-R will prevent the ECU from being flashed.

To turn off the climate control system press the "PUSH OFF" button on the dash (shown in the image above).

Image result for Nissan GTR Headlight switch

To turn the head light switch off, rotate switch down or up till in the "Off" position. 

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