Nissan TPMS Learning

Nissan GT-R TPMS Learning

Applicable Vehicle:

  • Nissan GT-R 

** TPMS Learning can now be done on the Accessport **

TPMS Learning is used to register new TPMS sensors, either from replacing existing sensors or new wheels. To use TPMS Learning you must have a TPMS registration tool that is compatible with the GTR.

For testing purposes we used PST Tire Positioning Sensor Tool

TPMS Learning Process: 

1. Turn key position to “On”.

2. Connect the Accessport to your vehicle’s OBD port and select “Troubleshooting.” Then go to “TPMS Learning”.

3. A prompt will appear with instructions on how to successfully program the vehicle’s 
TPM sensors. Press “OK” to get the process started. 

4. After completing step 2 exit the vehicle with the Tire Pressure Positioning Sensor Tool. 
Start with the front driver side tire (front passenger for RHD cars). Point the rounded 
end of the device at the sensor through the tire (the sensor is located behind the tire on 
the valve stem). Then push the “Activation” button until the device beeps. The 
appropriate light should come on (315MHz for US and 434MHz for EU) notifying the 
sensor is set. 

5. Verify the Accessport registered the tool’s activation of the sensor. This can be confirmed by checking if the Accessport says “OK!” next to the TPM sensor just 
programmed on its screen. 

6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each tire working your way around the vehicle in a clockwise 
motion. It is important to note that the TPMS learning feature cannot be exited after 
starting. It will timeout after 3 minutes. If it does timeout during programming, the 
process will need to be restarted. The 3 minute timeout will reset after each sensor is 
registered to prevent any unwanted timeouts.

7. Once the final sensor is registered the process is complete. There may be variances 
in the amount of time pressure is actually displayed due to different TPM sensors. If 
readings are not instantly displayed on the GT-R gauges, some users may have to 
drive a few minutes before pressures are identified.

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