COBB Custom Features: F-150 / Raptor Tire Size Adjustment

How To:  Raptor and F-150 Tire Size Adjustment

Applicable Model/Year: 

  • Raptor 2017 - 2020
  • F-150 Limited HO 2019 - 2020
  • F-150 3.5L 2017-2020
  • F-150 2.7l 2018-2020

Software Requirement:

  • Requires a v102 OTS map or newer
  • Map must be from or resaved in ATP version 3.0.0+17664.15452 or newer

How To Enable:

This feature comes pre enabled on all applicable models.  If you are finding this doesn't work correctly ensure you are on the most recent firmware and map updates. 

How to Adjust Raptor Tire Size:

  1. Figure out the overall diameter of your wheel and tire combination.  Either from the tire manufacturer, measuring, or an online calculator.

  2. Journey to the great land of the Adjustments menu from the main screen of your Accessport.


  3. Within this great land select "Set Tire Size"

  4. From there you can adjust the tire diameter from a minimum value of 20" to a maximum diameter of 50"  The stock size is 33.2"

    Minimum Tire Diameter = 20"
    Maximum Tire Diameter =50"

    Stock Tire Diameter = 33.2"

    Stock Tire Diameter = 30.2"


  5. Click the center button to save your changes, then turn your car off for 15 seconds before re-starting.

    Adjusting the tire size will correct your vehicle's speedometer however it will not effect your vehicle's odometer as that function is against the law to tamper with.

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