COBB Custom Features: Dynamic Pedal Control for Ford Trucks

How To:  Cobb Custom Features: Dynamic Pedal Control

Applicable Model/Year: 

  • Gen2 Raptor 2017 - 2020
  • Gen3 Raptor 2021-2022
  • F-150 Limited HO 2019 - 2020
  • F-150 3.5L 2017-2020
  • F-150 2.7L 2018-2020
  • Maverick 2.0L T 2022
  • Explorer ST 2020-2023

How To Enable:

This feature comes pre enabled on all OTS maps except for those specifically calling out it's absence in the Raptor & F-150 Limited HO Map Notes.  If you are finding this doesn't work correctly ensure you are on the most recent firmware and map updates.

How it Works:

COBB Throttle Response allows you to quickly adjust throttle pedal sensitivity easily.  The system works by modulating from the throttle mapping found in your current drive mode (i.e. Drive/Normal, Mud/Sand, Sport) and some predetermined maximum and minimum sensitivity levels.  Each step negative (-1 - -5) decreases throttle sensitivity which can help achieve better mpg, or a quick detune if someone less responsible is driving.  When stepping positive (1-10) you'll be making smaller pedal movements have a much bigger impact on the throttle which can help the car feel faster and more responsive.  

Steps to Use:

  1. Go to the Tune menu on the main screen of your Accessport.

  2. Select Adjustments out of that menu.

  3. From there you'll select Throttle Response

  4. From there select the sensitivity level desired.  from -5 to 10 with 0 being normal behavior

    The Default Position will be 3 on COBB OTS Maps


  5. Select "Save" and wait for the changes to be applied to the ECU.

  6. Go out and enjoy!

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