Subaru Gateway Flex Fuel DTC Troubleshooting

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Gateway Datalogging and Monitor List

In the datalog presets we offer two preset datalog lists specifically for CAN Gateway Flex Fuel.

  • CANGatewayGeneral will have most of the monitors important as an end user to get an idea as to what is going on with the vehicle under normal driving conditions, or when you’re having an issue.

  • CANGatewayTroubleshoot is typically going to have monitors that we want to see to do internal troubleshooting, so having a log to send to our customer support team can be helpful.

If you’re not sure your car is safe to run or drive with the DTC you’re getting, reach out to our customer support team and chat with them first!

Accessport Name

AccessTuner Pro Name


Accessport Name

AccessTuner Pro Name


Ethanol ERROR

Ethanol ERROR

Error code from Ethanol Content Sensor via gateway

  • 1 = Fuel Error

  • 2 = Sensor Error

  • 3 = Fuel or Sensor Error

  • 4 = Ethanol Out-of-Range

  • 7 = Sensor Cable Detected but no Signal Present

Ethanol Fuel Temp

Ethanol Fuel Temp

Fuel temperature from fuel temp sensor integrated into ethano lcontent sensor.

Ethanol Fuel Temp Error

Ethanol Fuel Temp Error

Error code from fuel temp sensor integrated into ethanol content sensor via gateway.

  • 1 = Out-of-Range Error

  • 7 = Sensor Cable Detected but no Signal Present

Sns Fuel Press MONITOR

Sensor Input Fuel Pressure Monitor

Fuel pressure from Gateway fuel pressure sensor

Sns Fuel Press ERROR

Sensor Input Fuel Pressure Error

Error code from Fuel Pressure Sensor via gateway

  • 1 = Analog voltage high ‘out-of-range’ error (>4.75v)

  • 2 = Analog sensor low ‘out-of-range’ error (0.1v-0.25v)

  • 7 = Analog sensor no signal error (may be shorted to ground) (0 - 0.1v)

Sns Fuel Press VOLTS

Sensor Input Fuel Pressure Voltage

Voltage output of Fuel Pressure Sensor


Maximum Safe Ethanol Concentration Exceeded

The ethanol content is continuously over the limit set in Ethanol Sensor DTC Max. Safe Ethanol Concentration for Tune (C0BB5 DTC)

Typically set if the tuner wants the vehicle to be limited on ethanol content.

This can happen if the Gateway harness is loose, shorted or not plugged in correctly to the vehicle side or the Gateway side. Or if the fuse has blown in the power feed for the Gateway. Double-check your connections and that there is no physical damage to any of the components



Gateway Module Not Detected

When starting the car up the ECU was unable to communicate with the COBB Gateway module.


Lost communications with Gateway module



Gateway firmware is the incorrect version.



CAN Gateway General Packet Error



Gateway Custom Sensor Error



Gateway Inconsistent Sensor



Gateway Ethanol Sensor Error


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