Pre-Tuning Guide

Update Software

  1. Update the Accessport software to the latest version using the instructions found here: How To Update Your AP's Firmware
  2. Open up your Accesstuner software and complete any available software updates.
  3. Set an appropriate path to save datalogs to if logging through the software Accesstuner Tutorials: How to set default log save file
  4. Download the latest maps from the COBB Tuning website.

Double Check the Vehicle's Mechanical Condition

  1. Checking your wear items like spark plugs, belts, in addition to fluids and making sure all scheduled maintenance has been done for the vehicle can not only help prevent issues from occurring during the tuning process, but can help have a much longer life regardless of the tune.

  2. Check for any Outstanding TSB's and Recalls open on your vehicle with the dealership, some can be safety related, but others can be engine related and can help resolve issues you'll discover when tuning.

  3. Take a look at our platform specific sections that cover different issues common to each platform.

Start With an Appropriate Base Map

If you're starting with a car that is in one of our specific staged configurations, download that map off of our website, or by copying it off of the Accessport.

If however your car isn't close to one of our maps you'll want to start with the map closest to what you have on the car as that will require the least tweaking to get your car in a driveable state.

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