Buying a Used Accessport

Buying a Used Accessport

Most of us would probably have a 10 second (or faster?) car if we could.  We all tend to run into the same hurdle when it comes to reaching that or any other car goal that requires modifications: money.  In an effort to stretch the budget a little further, it's common to check out the used market.  With hard parts, it's pretty straight forward.  However, with an Accessport, it's not uncommon to see people that were trying to save a buck end up spending a lot more than they should have.  The following is a basic guide that includes the things to consider when buying a used Accessport.


The Accessport should at least include the cable that connects to your OBD2 port.  If not, this would have to be purchased separately.  The cable that connects to your computer would also be a plus, if included, but it's not a proprietary cable.  It can easily be replaced with any micro USB > USB cable.  Other accessories include the start guide, different faceplates, a protective case, sticky dash mount, and holster.  Although these aren't necessary for the Accessport to operate,  definitely consider the purchase price If several or all of these accessories (especially the OBD2 cable) are missing.

Part Number

A more important thing to consider is the Accessport's part number.  Each Accessport is only compatible with certain vehicles.  With many platforms, it can even be specific vehicles through specific model year ranges.  Luckily, it's pretty easy to determine which Accessport part number you need.  Simply visit and configure your vehicle at the top of the page and click "view products."  You will then see all compatible parts.  The Accessport will be on this main page and have its part number listed (it starts with "AP3"). You may have to click on the Accessport itself to see the part number. Keep in mind that some vehicles will have more than 1 Accessport part number available (ex: Porsche or Nissan GT-R). This typically means that the Accessport can also flash the TCM (transmission control module) along with the ECM/ECU (engine control module).

In other situations, you may see the part number AP3-APA-001. This means that it was a blank Accessport before it was activated for use with a certain vehicle. In that case, you will have to do a bit more digging to find out if it will work with your vehicle. Continue reading to see where you can find the part number.

Ways Part Number and/or Installation State Can Be Found

  1. Accessport Screen: Power on the Accessport via the OBD2 cable or the micro USB cable. Scroll up to the "Help" option at the top that looks like a '?' mark. Select "About Accessport". Toward the bottom, you should see the corresponding part number and installation state.

  2. AP Manager: First, download and install Accessport Manager.  Then, plug the Accessport into the computer via the micro USB > USB cable. You can then open Accessport Manager and view the "AP Info" tab shown below. You can see the Accessport part number as the very first piece of information and the installation state on the 3rd line at the end.

Installation State

The installed state is just as important as whether or not the Accessport is the correct part number.  If it is already installed (or "married") to another vehicle, it will not work on your vehicle.  The installed state can be checked by plugging the Accessport into any car (any car with an OBD2 port, compatibility for this step is not required) or computer. The quickest way to figure out the installation state is if "Install" is an option. If present, then this Accessport is ready to work on another compatible vehicle.  If "Uninstall" is an option, this Accessport will not work on your vehicle until it is uninstalled from the previous vehicle or re-licensed ("unmarried") by COBB. Continue reading to see other ways to find out the installation state.


  • Installed / Married
    • This means that the Accessport has been installed to a vehicle and that the license is still in use on that vehicle.

  • Uninstalled / Unmarried
    • This means that the Accessport has been uninstalled from a vehicle and that the license is available to be applied to another vehicle.

There is no way to determine 100% the Installed State without being there in person.

Sadly, we have seen situations where sellers take pictures of the "Install" option and then install the Accessport prior to selling it.  We recommend you protect yourself by confirming the installed state in person or, at the very least, feel the seller out.  Check for references or mentions of previous transactions to determine if you're willing to trust this person to be honest about the Installed State of the Accessport.  This is typically readily available on forums or Ebay which may be a better alternative to Craigslist.

GOOD: Ready to be used on your car!


BAD: Still installed to another car.


The Potential Costs of Purchasing Used

Buying Installed AP

If an Accessport was never uninstalled from a previous vehicle, it can be re-licensed, or set to an uninstalled state (aka unmarried). The Accessport is essentially 2 parts: the hardware to flash the vehicle and the tuning license that is installed on the car. Therefore, in cases when the tuning license is still being used on another vehicle, it will not be able to be installed to another one in that state.  COBB can re-license the Accessport for 70% of a brand new Accessport of that part number.

You'll want to ask yourself the following questions to determine the costs involved.

  • Is it installed and need a relicense?
  • Does the part number need to be changed?
  • Is it changing to a more expensive part number?

Buying a Different Part Number

If the part number of your Accessport doesn't match the vehicle you have, COBB is able to change the part number of your Accessport for $150 plus any positive difference in the cost of the part number you're changing to.  

    • Changing the part number is NOT the same as re-licensing (unmarrying) the Accessport.
    • If a change to the part number is needed, the Accessport will have to be re-licensed first (if not already uninstalled)

Let's take a look at a couple of examples of purchasing used Accessports:


Jared owns a 2013 WRX.  He needs an AP3-SUB-003 ($675 new).

He buys an uninstalled AP3-SUB-003 ($675 new).



Nick owns a 2017 Focus ST.  He needs an AP3-FOR-001 (total cost new is $550).

He buys an Installed Accessport (AP3-FOR-001) from a 2015 Focus ST (total cost new is $550).

Since the Accessport is Installed he will have the following costs:


Uninstalled AND Wrong Part Number To Less Expensive AP:

Jon owns a 2015 Subaru WRX. He needs AP3-SUB-004 ($675 new).

He buys an uninstalled Accessport (AP3-NIS-007) from a 2016 Nissan GT-R (total cost new is $950).

Since the Accessport is Uninstalled and the Incorrect part number he will have the following costs:


Installed AND Wrong Part Number To Less Expensive AP:

Matt owns a 2015 EVO X. He needs AP3-MIT-002 ($500 new).

He buys an Installed Accessport (AP3-NIS-007) from a 2016 Nissan GT-R (total cost new is $950).

Since the Accessport is Installed and the Incorrect part number he will have the following costs:


Installed AND Wrong Part Number To More Expensive AP:

Marshall owns a 2010 Mazdaspeed3. He needs AP3-MAZ-002 ($650 new).

He buys an installed Accessport from a Mitsubishi Evo X (AP3-MIT-002 $500 new).  Since the Accessport is still installed to the Evo X, Mark would have the cost of the re-license (in this case $350) AND the cost of changing the part number ($150) AND the difference in price between the Accessports ($150).  That totals out to $650, or the price of a brand new AP3-MAZ-002 with a warranty.

Since the Accessport is Installed and the incorrect part number, Mark will have the following costs:


Installed AND Wrong Part Number Same Value:

Drew owns a 2002 Subaru WRX. He needs AP3-SUB-001 ($675).

He buys an installed Accessport for a 2015 Subaru STi (AP3-SUB-004 $675 new).

Since the Accessport is Installed and the incorrect part number, Chris will have the following costs:


What the Accessport comes with, its part number, and whether or not it was uninstalled from the previous vehicle should all be considered when buying a used Accessport.  You may be out even more money if it's missing components like the OBD2 cable, AP holster, etc. Not all is lost if you purchase a used Accessport that is installed to another vehicle or the wrong part number.  However, paying for these remedies can quickly outweigh the savings for buying used in the first place.  Hopefully, this guide can save you making an overly costly purchase.

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