VA DIT Logging Update


Subaru WRX 2015-2021

Starting with version 4.3.0+42f950677b.61e0490 and higher (released 8.10.2023), we have updated the logging to allow for additional monitors to be utilised. 200 Unique monitors can now be selected across the gauges and logging screens combined. Some monitors may also have a faster logging rate than previous.

Keep in mind that the logging rate on this ecu is faster than the older vehicles and as such the datalog files themselves will be larger, so it’s a good idea to periodically back up the logs on your car, and delete unneeded files on the AP to allow a reasonable amount of space on the AP.

As before, any viewing of monitors via gauges or logging both contribute to the available power and speed of the data being available. If you notice your logging rate drop, reducing the number of monitors (or making sure the gauges screen, even if unused, is set to the monitors you are logging) can help as any additional monitors can impact the logging rate.

The datalog viewer built in to AccessTuner Pro is only capable of showing ~170 monitor ids. To prevent that from causing you to be unable to see your data, it’s a good idea to either reduce your monitor count below that, or to use a different log viewing tool such as Excel, Megalog Viewer, Log Viewer, or DataZap


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