Maintaining Your Ride: Fiesta Oil Change

Maintaining Your Ride: Fiesta Oil Change

Table of Contents

Parts List

  • Oil Filter
  • Drain plug
  • Drain plug gasket/seal/crush washer
  • 4.3 Quarts of oil

Tools Needed

Stock Oil Removal

  1. Park your car in a flat level area and jack it up properly using either a lift or jack stands.

  2. Pop the hood and remove the oil cap.

  3. Identify your drain plug and oil filter locations

  4. Position your oil drain pan underneath the drain plug.

  5. Using your 13mm socket, remove the drain plug and make sure nothing is spilling.


  6. Leave the car to drain for a few minutes to ensure you get as much out as possible.

  7. Once the oil has stopped draining out reinstall the drain plug with the new gasket and torque to 21 ft/lbs.

  8. Moving over to the filter position your drain plug underneath it.

  9. Carefully loosen the oil filter with your wrench and remove it from the car.

Oil Installation

  1. With everything out of the car, go through and clean up any oil residue left over to make sure that if it's leaking in the future you'll be able to tell.

  2. Apply a small amount of oil to the seal on the oil filter, then reinstall hand tight.


  3. Drop the car back down off of the jack stands.

  4. Install new oil carefully making sure not to spill it all over the engine bay.

  5. When you think you're getting close to full, check it on the dipstick.

  6. Re-install oil cap hand tight.

  7. Lower car down

  8. Start it up and check for leaks

  9. After letting it run for a minute turn the car off and re-check the oil level

  10. Add oil as needed

  11. You're all done!  Go out and enjoy!

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