Raptor Stock Intercooler Removal

Raptor Stock Intercooler Removal

Grille Removal

  1. Park your truck in a flat level area.  Under most conditions you have enough clearance to do this with the car on the ground, however having access to a lift can make some parts slightly easier.

  2. Using your trim tool, remove the two clips holding the inlet snorkel in place


  3. Pull out the remaining seven clips holding the upper grille/radiator cover in place and remove it from the car, you'll probably need to lift up the snorkel gently to pull it free.

  4. Remove the one clip on either side of the car holding the top of the headlight bezel in place.

  5. Pop the headlight bezel free where it meets the center piece of the bumper.  Gently pull outward on the top of the headlight bezel and pop it free of the clips.  You should be able to leave it attached on the outside as completely removing them isn't needed.


  6. Remove the three clips on either side holding the rubber radiator shroud in place on the grille shroud.


  7. You can leave the clips holding it to the core support.

  8. Remove the four 10mm bolts on the top of the grille using your socket.

    These bolts, like many others go straight into metal (some into plastic).  Make sure to avoid torquing these bolts too hard either when loosening or tightening these bolts as it's very easy to strip them out on accident.


  9. Undo the two electrical plugs on the top center of the grille structure by depressing the clip then pulling them out.


  10. Gently spread the retainer ring on the washer line and unplug the hose.


  11. Using your trim tool again, remove the two clips holding the harnesses to the support.


  12. Undo the two 8mm bolts on each lower corner of the grille using your extension and an 8mm socket.

  13. Remove the front grille assembly and set it somewhere safe!

Intercooler Removal

  1. Remove the 4 13mm bolts holding at the front and 2 15mm bolts in the rear of the skid plate in place, watch out for the brace in the rear and note the orientation it was in when removed as it will only fit in that way when you go to reinstall.


    The clips with built in nuts found on the frame can fall off easily, so make sure not to lose them!

  2. Reach up and undo the wiring to the fans by gently squeezing the clip before disconnecting them.  Then disconnect harness from fan using your trim tool.

  3. Disconnect electrical plug going to the electronic bypass valve.

  4. Loosen up the 3 couplers on the front mount intercooler, then pull them free.  If you can manage it easily you can also just remove them completely.  In order to loosen them you'll either need a screwdriver of a socket (7mm/8mm depending on your vehicle)


  5. Disconnect the bpv hose from the intake and the BPV itself by turning left 1/4 turn.  Sometimes it will be stuck due to dirt or debris getting into the clip.  Softening it with some wd40 or water can make this more simple.


  6. Undo the two 15mm bolts holding the support for the intercooler core in place.

  7. Remove the two wiring connectors on the fan and intercooler where they are attached.


  8. Drop the intercooler and fans out of the frame rails and set somewhere safe.


  9. Take out the two lower bolts for intercooler shutters using an offset 8mm wrench.  There isn't a lot of room so a ratcheting wrench with an offset head that fits can be handy, otherwise you'll be in for a long haul!

  10. Disconnect the front 3 trim clips to pull up the rubber radiator shroud


  11. Undo the harness clips from shutter assembly so that the harness is free.

  12. Unbolt the shutter assembly with a 8mm socket.

  13. Remove shutter assembly by lifting up and pushing out to release the tension from the pins on the side

  14. Remove the 8mm bumper supports

  15. Follow up by taking out the 15mm bolts holding bracket in place

  16. Remove bracket from car