2022 ADM/USDM VB WRX Added Flash Recovery Improvements

What’s the problem?

In some rare cases the 2022 WRX ECU experienced a flash failure at 1% progress that was not recoverable by the AP. When this happened the ECU would need to be sent in to COBB in order to recover the ECU.


How do I fix it?

The v300 and higher maps improve the factory code (which is the issue) in order to increase the odds the AP is capable of recovering from this flash failure.

This improvement will be realized AFTER the new map is flashed to the car or AFTER the first install of the AP with a v300 or higher map. Unfortunately it’s just not possible to fix the issue in the factory code until we’ve had an opportunity to flash the car and tweak what is on the ECU.

Users with custom tunes will need to have their Protuner resave their map in the current ATP software to pick up these changes.


What do I do if the flash fails?

When the flash fails on a v300 or higher map, follow the key cycle instructions on the AP when it happens and utilize the “Uninstall” recovery process.

If the AP fails to recover the ECU after several attempts, disconnect the negative terminal of the battery for 5 minutes and try again.

If it continues to fail, reach out to Customer Support


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