Ford Focus ST Map Notes

Supported Vehicles:

  • ADM 2013-2018 Focus ST
  • CHDM 2015-2018 Focus ST
  • EDM 2013-2018 Focus ST (includes Start Stop, and no Start Stop)
  • USDM 2013-2018 Focus ST

Required Accessport Firmware:

  • V3: or greater

Map Availability: Download from the COBB Tuning Focus ST OTS Map Database 

MapPeak GainsMaximum Gains
Stage1 87*

+2% HP / +9% TQ

+8% HP / +10% TQ

Stage1 91*

+1% HP / +22% TQ

+4% HP / +27% TQ

Stage1 93

+1% HP / +24% TQ

+5% HP / +30% TQ

Stage2 91

+4% HP / +22% TQ

+10% HP / +29% TQ

Stage2 93

+5% HP / +24% TQ

+11% HP / +31% TQ

Stage3 91

+9% HP / +23% TQ

+14% HP / +29% TQ

Stage3 93

+10% HP / +25% TQ

+15% HP / +31% TQ

Peak Gains are measured as the absolute maximum value between the highest points of two plots.
Max. Gains are measured as the average maximum value between the highest and lowest point of two plots.

Results may vary. Power as tested on 2013-2014 Focus ST vehicles using these identical calibrations on 93oct / 98RON.

*91 and 93 octane results are compared against a 93 octane fuel baseline. Your 91 octane results may be higher than listed above; as a baseline of 91 octane fuel may read lower than our 93 octane baseline. 87 octane results compared against an 87 octane fuel baseline. Your 87 octane results may be higher than listed above if a blend of higher octane fuel is present. 


  • Intake Requirements: COBB intake system 792150 or 793150
  • Intercooler Requirements: COBB front mount intercooler 792500
  • Exhaust requirements: COBB catted downpipe 591220 and COBB catback exhaust system 591100
  • Boost Targets
    • 91 Octane (95 RON) Minimum
      • Map slot 1 = Max Perf. - ~22.0psi peak boost pressure tapering down to ~14.0psi by the 6800 RPM redline, +/- 3psi

      • Map slot 2 = Economy - ~8.0psi peak boost pressure, not to be used for aggressive driving

    • 93 Octane (98 RON) Minimum
      • Map slot 1 = Max Perf. - ~22.0psi peak boost pressure tapering down to ~14.0psi by the 6800 RPM redline, +/- 3psi

      • Map slot 2 = Economy - ~8.0psi peak boost pressure, not to be used for aggressive driving

Non-Performance Maps

  • Anti-Theft Mode
    • Will not allow vehicle to run
  • Valet Mode
    • Fuel Requirements: 87+ Octane (RON+MON/2) (89+ RON) fuel minimum
    • Intake / Exhaust Requirements: Any
    • Boost: Stock Settings
    • Rev Limiter: 3000 RPM
    • Speed Limiter: 35mph (56.3 kph)

Calibration Strategy Information 
See our Octane Adjust Ratio technical article for additional information regarding some of the strategies we utilize in these calibrations! 

Closing Warnings and Precautions: 

  • Use of inappropriate calibration/modification combinations will promote engine damage.
  • COBB OTS mapping is NOT designed to be used with upgraded aftermarket boost actuators or solenoids. Doing so may result in much higher than desired boost and potential engine damage. Seek the help of a COBB Accesstuner Professional should your vehicle fall outside of OTS configurations.
  • Top Tier gasoline should be used where available. Use of lower quality fuels can result in catastrophic engine damage.
  • WARNING: Launch Control, Flat-Foot-Shift (LC/FFS), and Burnout Mode are abusive to the engine, clutch, transmission, axles, and differential. The user accepts all risks and responsibilities when using these features.
  • WARNING: Performance calibrations not designed for use when towing.

Revision History: 

Revision #Notes:
v506Maps have been updated to eliminate unnecessary DTC suppression or uprevved for version parity with other maps.

Maps have been updated to eliminate unnecessary DTC suppression.

  • Updated vehicle application labels to include MY18 Focus ST support for applicable models.
  • For non-compatible MY18 applications: updated revision # for maintenance parity with other AP3-FOR-001 Focus ST applications (no calibration changes).
  • Bugfix for Catalyst Temperature calculation.
  • Anti-Theft calibration fix.
  • Grille Shutter U0284 DTC fix.
  • Map Switching Notifier improvement.

Revision number upreved for map naming parity.   

  • All Focus ST maps are now v500 and have the new naming convention for Staged maps.
  • "Enable Gear Shift Hang" toggle unchecked.
  • Realtime capable tables (assortment varies)
  • All of these maps are now "Simple SD" capable.
  • New Traction Control default values. (feature is still disabled on OTS, can be enabled using the Accessport)
  • Resolved an issue that prevented successful flashing with v400 to v401 maps. (2013-2014 Focus ST Only)
  • Resolved an issue that could result in the map slot being changed during key cycling behaviors. (2013-2014 Focus ST Only)
  • Includes base rom TSB update for 2016 Focus ST vehicles. Must re-save custom maps to inherit compatibility.
  • Synchronized platform features. Adjusted ignition correction strategies to allow faster torque delivery in optimal conditions. Adjusted octane learning strategy to enhance post-installation experience.
  • Calibration version synchronization.
  • Synchronized custom features from other Ford vehicle applications.
  • Added custom feature support for Adaptive Cruise Control equipped vehicles.
  • Added "Burnout" feature to prevent engine over-rev during burnouts (5000rpm).
  • Added Fuel and Throttle Cut Launch Control (2500/4000rpm, 80% APP, 8mph exit).
  • Adjusted Flat-Foot-Shift pedal position requirement (80% APP).
  • Adjusted IPC Plausibility limits to prevent erroneous limp conditions.
  • Removed Economy Mode calibrations due to integration in all Performance calibrations.
  • Adjusted grill shutter control strategy.
  • Adjusted power demand fuel, and VCT optimum power entry thresholds.

Adjusted high load closed loop fueling for part throttle conditions.

  • Improved overall map switching features and functionality.
  • Added on-the-fly throttle based launch control at 4000rpm. Increased idle speed to 900rpm.
  • Map slot 1 = Performance – This is the standard OTS map with full performance.
  • Map slot 2 = Pseudo-Economy – This mode disables the wastegate and adjusts WOT fueling for efficiency. This can be used to quickly lower power for times when performance is not needed but is not as thorough as the true Economy Mode calibration. For full economy enhancements please use the Economy Mode calibration.

Adjusted closed loop fueling targets to ensure all I/M readiness monitor tests were capable of running. Set Launch Control RPM to match Primary Rev Limit to allow full sweep testing on 2WD dynamometers.

  • Added custom volumetric efficiency estimation monitors to the ECU. Adjusted bypass valve thresholds to better support aftermarket components.
  • Re-introduced Stage1 87oct calibration to the performance OTS lineup.

Revised launch control strategy to use Rear Average VSS for more consistent launches. Eliminated "beeping" phenomenon from the Active Sound Symposer. Adjusted Dashpot and Tip-In torque limits to aid in idle stability and drivability. Set Standard FFS default to 5000 rpm


Added 5-Way map switching* and Flat-Foot-Shift features. Adjusted closed loop fuel settings to improve drivability on lower quality fuels. Fixed a bug that caused the Catalyst Temperature to read inaccurately high. Adjusted throttle plate delta pressure tables to aid in the removal BPV recycles. Adjusted wastegate solenoid gain profiles to aid in spool stability. Adjusted knock sensor decrement authority. Adjusted charge air temp timing reduction authority at higher temperatures. Removed OEM "Rev Hang" behavior to improve shifting behavior.

v101, v102, v103

Original Release Calibration - Adjusted fuel, ignition timing, boost control (including overboost), camshaft phasing (Ti-VCT), throttle translations, EcoMode shift indicators, sound symposer, cooling fans, grill shutters, load modeling, and base programming logic. Reduced compensations for more consistent power delivery. Adjusted torque, gear, load, boost, airflow, temperature, speed, and rev limits. Enhanced OEM bypass valve performance and compatibility with aftermarket valves.

5-Way map switching and Ford Traction Control settings can only be configured with Accesstuner software.

Custom Feature Cruise Control Button Assignments