Map Notes for BMW N54

Supported Vehicles:

  • WM 2011 1M
  • WM 2008 - 2010 135i
  • WM 2007 - 2010 335i
  • WM 2011 - 2013 335is
  • WM 2009 - 2010 335i xDrive
  • WM 2008 - 2010 535i

    WM = World Market (ADM, EDM, and USDM vehicles)

MapRevisionCARB EO

For more information on CARB Exemption Orders for this vehicle as well as the actual letter check out our page CARB EO numbers for COBB BMW Products

ACN91 maps are not available for the 335IS models

Stock Throttle vs. Linear Throttle

Stock Throttle: The stock throttle maps use the same throttle mapping that the car came with from the factory. For example, the stock throttle provides almost 80% of the requested torque load at 40% pedal input and gives the sensation of speed.

Linear Throttle: Linear throttle mapping is closer to a one to one ratio. If you push the accelerator pedal 30%, you should get roughly 30% throttle. The main advantage is the ability to better modulate power and more predictable performance.

Map Availability:

Required Accessport Firmware:  

  • V2 Accessport: or greater
  • V3 Accessport: X or greater

Each map lists the minimum required octane. A higher octane fuel can be used safely on a map designed for lower octane. DO NOT use maps designed for higher octane with lower octane fuels. Top Tier gasoline should be used where available.

  • ACN91: lower quality 91 octane fuel, such as fuel found in Canada, Arizona, California, Nevada.
  • 91 OCT or 95 RON:  91 OCT or 95 RON or better.
  • 93 OCT or 98 RON:  93 OCT or 98 RON or better.

Generally speaking, the ACN91 calibration run slightly lower boost, has a richer fuel curve, and a less aggressive ignition advance map to help compensate for lower octane fuel blends such as those found in Arizona, California, and Nevada; and/or less than ideal atmospheric conditions. The 93 OCT or 98 RON maps are the most aggressive.

Stage 1, 1+

Stock BaselinePeak Gain HPPeak Gain TqMax Gain HPMax Gain TQ
Stage1 93oct+17% hp+28% tq+53% hp+34% tq
Stage1+ 93oct+35% hp+25% tq+90% hp+10% tq


  • Exhaust Requirements: Stock or upgraded cat-back exhaust
  • Intake Requirements:COBB panel filter 7B1109 covered under CARB EO D-660-7
  • Boost Targets:
    • ACN91: 11psi peak tapering down to 9.5psi by redline +/- 1.5psi
    • 91 OCT (95 RON) Minimum: 11psi peak tapering down to 9.5psi by redline +/- 1.5psi
    • 93 OCT (98 RON) Minimum: 14.5psi peak tapering down to 11.5psi by redline +/- 1.5p


  • Exhaust Requirements: Stock or upgraded cat-back exhaust
  • Intake Requirements: COBB panel filter 7B1109 covered under CARB EO D-660-7
  • Intercooler Requirements: Upgraded COBB Front Mount Intercooler 7B1500 covered under CARB EO D-660-7 Required.
  • Boost Targets:
    • ACN91: 14 psi peak tapering down to 10 psi by redline +/- 1.5psi
    • 91 OCT (95 RON) Minimum: 14 psi peak tapering down to 10 psi by redline +/- 1.5psi
    • 93 OCT (98 RON) Minimum: 14 psi peak tapering down to 10 psi by redline +/- 1.5psi

C.A.R.B Note

The above Stage1, Stage2+ calibration(s) is legal for use on Emissions Controlled Vehicles in all 50 states when used in accordance with the manufacturer's application guide because it and the parts have a California Air Resources Board (CARB) Executive Order (EO) number: 

Max Gain is the single rpm point that gained the most horsepower over the stock tune.

Peak Gain is the comparison of the highest point of output on one tune, to the highest point of output of another.

Revision Notes: 

Map VersionNotes:
V405Updated for consistency across maps
V404Updated naming convention for all OTS offerings.  Calibrations are unchanged to v4.02.
Aggressive renamed to 93 octane/98 RON
Sport renamed to 91 octane/93 RON
ACN91 renamed to ACN91
v403Minor Update for “Stage1 +FMIC” &“Stage2 +FMIC” mapping. Improved logic addresses boost and WGDC oscillations some users have experienced, allowing smoother power delivery and throttle response.
v402Minor Update for all maps. This update corrects DME logic causing possible DTC P2D59. This update also addresses an under boost issue experienced by some vehicles.
v400Major update. Introduces new “Stage1 +FMIC” mapping. Logic and tuning parameters have been adjusted in order to capitalize on Stage1+ hardware. “Stage1 +FMIC” mapping requires an aftermarket front mount intercooler. Minor update for Stage1 Maps; this update incorporates multiple DME logic corrections as well as tuning logic alterations allowing smoother power delivery and throttle response.

Minor update for Stage1 Maps. This update corrects the DME's torque logic which could cause a limp mode under hard acceleration at higher rates of speed. This update includes corrected logic to repair an issue with slight surging felt at part throttle when the engine is not at full operating temperature. This update introduces an additional "Linear Throttle map". This map is more Linear than previous maps and may be preferable for 6MT-equipped cars, though all versions are safe for all transmission types. Also included in this update are new mapping nomenclatures. Here is a brief description of the new naming conventions.

*"Drive" is a nice daily driver map for those that want a bump in performance with stock rev limits. (Premium fuels recommend) "Sport" is a sporty map with a healthy performance increase and raised rev limits. (Premium fuels recommend) "Aggressive" is a map that geared towards those looking to achieve peak performance (Recommended 93 Octane).

v203Minor update for Stage1 maps. This update reverts the rev limiters to stock settings for AT vehicles. Revised torque reduction logic for improved shifting on AT-equipped vehicles.
v202Minor update for Stage1 maps. Introduces additional “ACN91” mapping, which is more conservative than our 91 octane mapping (intended for 91 octane fuel in the states of Arizona, California and Nevada) and also retains the stock rev limiters. Adds two alternate throttle mapping versions designed to suit multiple driver preferences and transmission types. Both versions add linearity to accelerator pedal; v2 is more aggressive than v1 at low RPM and may be preferable for 6MT-equipped cars, though both versions are safe for all transmission types. All maps receive slight revisions to ignition timing. Includes speed limiter fixes for certain 335xi vehicles.
v201Minor update for Stage1 maps. Includes improvements to performance for AT vehicles.

Major Update. These maps require the use of firmware version or greater. To update from v1.01 or earlier, please uninstall Accessport from vehicle, perform firmware update using Accessport Manager 2.0, then reinstall Accessport to vehicle with v2.00 or greater mapping. This revision now supports both MT and AT vehicles using the same mapping version. Also incorporates improved fueling strategies during turbo spool-up period as well as additional logic for torque limiter defeats.

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