Porsche 718 Cayman / Boxster GTS (982) Map Notes

Supported Vehicles:

Porsche 718 (982) 

  • 2018-2019 Porsche Cayman (982) GTS MT/PDK WM
  • 2018-2019 Porsche Boxster (982) GTS MT/PDK WM
Map Versions982 Base982 S982 GTS

Required Accessport Firmware:

  •  AP3-POR-010:

Map Availability:

Each map lists the minimum required octane. A higher octane fuel can be used safely on a map designed for lower octane. DO NOT use maps designed for higher octane with lower octane fuels. Top Tier gasoline should be used where available.

  • Maps designated with "93" are for use with 93 and 94 octane/98 RON fuel or better.
  • Maps designated with "91" are for use with 91 and 92 octane/95 RON fuel or better.

Running 0% Ethanol Fuels

These maps are designed for E10 fuel (fuel with 10% ethanol content). For those who only have access to E0 fuel (fuel with 0% ethanol) it is recommended to use the "91" and "ACN91" octane versions of the maps and datalog the car to ensure your fuel is performing to the necessary level. This is especially important for those using Canadian 94 octane E0 fuel. 

Stage1 91 718 GTS

Stage1 93 718 GTS

718 (982) GTS 2.5T Peak GainsMax Gains
Stage1 91

+9.35% HP, +7.39% TQ

+18.45% HP, +18.42% TQ 
Stage1 93

+13.05% HP, +10.64% TQ

+20.58% HP, +20.73% TQ 

Results may vary 

Stage 1

  • Exhaust Requirements: Stock
  • Intake Requirements: Stock air box with stock, K&N, or BMC air filter 

Stage 0

  • Stock calibration. Factory map that the car was delivered from Porsche with. Does not uninstall Accessport.

OTS Maps are not compatible with iPE Exhaust systems or any other valved exhaust system that isn't controlled by the factory computer.

Peak Gains are measured as the absolute maximum value between the highest points of two plots.
Max. Gains are measured as the average maximum value between the highest and lowest point of two plots.

Dyno results and gains are from first party testing on external dyno and blended 93 octane due to lack of vehicle and fuel availability to COBB for in house testing.

Map Version Notes: 




Fixes minor issue found present on some newer vehicle operating systems. All other unaffected 718 maps also uprevved for version parity.


New ROM compatibility for Certain 2021 Boxster/Cayman S Vehicles Only
Other vehicles uprevved for version parity


Updated to improve power and drivability. (Cayman / Boxster S only)


For new ROM compatibility


Back end software improvements.


Fix for incorrect DTC issue.


Back end software improvements.


Initial Release Calibration. Adjusted ignition timing, airflow limits, throttle limits, and fuel as well as other tables that help maintain drivability and increase performance all while maintaining reliability.

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