Quick Fix: 997.1 TT Fuel Pressure Regulator Issue.

How To Fix:Fuel Pressure Issues on 997.1 TT

Applicable Vehicles :

  • 911 (997.1) Turbo AT/MT 2007-2009
  • 911 (997.1) GT2 MT 2008-2009
  • 911(997.1) GT2 RS MT 2011 (997.2 vehicle however uses 997.1 engine management system)

How to tell if you have a problem :

When going through your datalogs from your Accessport check out your Short-Term Fuel Trims (STFT).  If it reads 1.25 on both banks than this problem is probably affecting you!



What Causes The Problem?:

On most 997.1 Turbo vehicles there is a fuel pressure regulator reference signal line on the right hand side of the vehicle (Passenger side for USDM vehicles).  The line itself is a hard plastic line connected to a small section of vacuum tubing the seperation tends to occur as over time and pressure the hard line slides out of the vacuum line.  A large percentage of vehicles present with this problem becaiuse it's very easy to come off.



How to Fix Problem:

The easiest way to fix this problem is to add either a hose clamp or zip tie in order to put a little bit more pressure on the vacuum line providing more traction to keep it from coming out.  Make sure not to over tighten as this can pinch or crack one or both of the hoses involved.



  • Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR)
    • Adjusts fuel pressure in reference to manifold vacuum and pressure.
  • STFT
    • Short Term Fuel Trim - Short term changes made to the fuel metering of your vehicle.
  • Banks
    • The sides of the engine in an opposed, v, or w engine. 

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