How to: Put MK7 Golf R in "Dyno Mode" (FWD)

How To:Put MK7 Golf R in "Dyno Mode" (FWD)

Applicable Model/Year: 

  • MK7 Golf R

How To Enable:

  1. With the vehicle turned off turn on the ignition.

  2. Once the dash lights turn on to test operation (ABS CEL etc.) switch on the hazard lights.

  3. Once turned on pump the throttle 5 times.

  4. At this time the traction control light will come on and you are in dyno mode.

  5. Turning off the hazard lights will disable dyno mode and the rear wheels will be reactivated.

When And Why To Adjust:

When going on the dyno, use of this mode prevents issues caused by your rear differential being on including issues with wheel speed mismatch which can cause the traction control to go off.  When attempting to use Burnout Mode this MUST BE ENABLED.

Things To Look Out For:

If the wheels turn too far it will re-enable the rear wheels, so using this on a linked dyno can cause the rear differential to come back on.

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