Honda Unlock Box



AE-HON-Flashmode-01 - Honda Unlock Box

2020-2021 Honda Civic Type R

Congratulations on your purchase of the COBB Tuning Honda Unlock Box! The following instructions will assist you through the installation process. Please read them BEFORE beginning the install to familiarize yourself with the steps and tools needed. If you feel you cannot properly perform this installation, we HIGHLY recommend you take the vehicle to a qualified and experienced automotive technician.




  1. Park your car in a flat, level area that is safe.

  2. With your car off, we’ll start by removing the lower dashtrim from the driver’s side. Starting below the start button and either using your fingers or an appropriate trim tool, pry the top of the trim out from the upper dashboard.

  3. Now pop out the bottom side by where your feet go, and work across to the other side at the bottom.

  4. Now go ahead and pop the left hand side off, keep in mind there are a few buttons connected to a wiring harness. You can either carefully leave this hanging, or remove the electrical connection and set the dash piece on the floor. Toremove you’ll need to depress the release tab for the electrical connector from the back of the buttons.

  5. Looking up under the dash on the left-hand side, you should see a small module clipped to the dash bar.

  6. This can be unhooked from the harness by depressing the tab on the grey connector.


  7. The module can stay in the car during the unlock process. If you want to remove it for some reason, there is a long tab on the back side of the module. To release it, reach up and on the back side of the top, you should be able to gently depress the release tab and slide the module up and off the dash bar.

  8. With the module out of the way, we can now install the gateway bypass module. Simply plug it into the harness you removed.

  9. With the dongle in place, you can go ahead and unlock the car’s ECU.



ECU Unlock

  1. Turn the key to the on position (with it not running) and select “Install”

  2. The Accessport should identify the vehicle

  3. Pressing Continue will take you to the map selection screen. Select the desired map.

  4. If your ECU is locked you’ll be given the prompt to connect the dongle.

  5. With the dongle plugged in, hit continue on the accessport again.

  6. The ECU unlock process will begin. Once it’s successful you’ll be met with a success screen. Unplug the COBB dongle and reinstall the factory gateway module back in at this time.

  7. After plugging the factory gateway module back in, you can hit continue and start the installation process.


  8. Once you’re all done you can reinstall the trim panels.

CARB Sticker Application

(Where Applicable)

  1. Apply the supplied CARB sticker in a clear, easy to find location.  Typically underhood, or on the radiator core support.



MAP Notes

Helps to figure out which map you should be on given the parts installed to your car 


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