5Z1160 - FRS, BRZ, GT86, GR86 Titanium Exhaust



5Z1160 - Titanium Catback for BRZ, SFR-S, GR86, GT86

Scion FRS 2013-2016
Subaru BRZ 2013-2023
Toyota GT86 2017-2021
Toyota GR86 2022-2023

Congratulations on your purchase of the COBB Tuning Titanium Exhaust! The following instructions will assist you through the installation process. Please read them BEFORE beginning the install to familiarize yourself with the steps and tools needed. If you feel you cannot properly perform this installation, we HIGHLY recommend you take the vehicle to a qualified and experienced automotive technician.



Parts List






Tools Needed



  • 3/8" ratchet

  • 3/8" 12" extension

  • 3/8" 10mm socket

  • 3/8” 12mm socket

  • 3/8" 13mm deep socket

  • 3/8" 14mm deep socket


  • 14mm Wrench



  • Exhaust Hanger Pliers


Stock Removal

  1. Park your car in a flat, level area and allow it to cool down completely.

  2. Using either a lift or a jack and stands, lift and properly support your car so that you can get underneath it.

  3. While the stock exhaust can be removed in one piece, it’s recommended to separate each section as it’s quite heavy (37.4 lbs).

  4. Start by removing the two spring bolts holding the stock exhaust to the front pipe. (The front pipe with the offset resonator is staying on the car). This requires a 14mm for the spring bolt side and a 12mm for the nut on the opposite end. Turn the nut rather than the spring bolt to prevent horrific sounds as you turn the spring under tension.


  5. Move towards the back of the car, using your wrench and a socket, remove the two bolts holding the midpipe to the muffler section using your 14mm socket and wrench.

  6. With the midpipe now dangling uselessly, remove the exhaust hanger holding it to the car right next to the differential. Using exhaust pliers makes it a lot easier.

  7. The muffler section can now get removed from the 2 exhaust hangers on either side and then dropped out of the car.



  8. Remove the exhaust hangers from the old exhaust.


COBB Titanium Exhaust Installation

  1. Before installing the exhaust, it’s a good idea to put a clean pair of gloves on. Any natural oil on your skin or dirt will burn onto the exhaust and ruin it. And while you can clean it at the end, sometimes marks are difficult to remove.

  2. Install the rubber exhaust hangers from the stock exhaust onto the new COBB exhaust muffler.

  3. Starting at the back of the car, install the muffler by putting in the two hangers on one side, and then the other.


  4. Pre install one of the two larger exhaust clamps over the mufflers entrance. We recommend having the bolt of the exhaust clamp facing down to allow for easy installation or loosening.


  5. Slip the front and rear sections of the mid pipe together withh the second large clamp loose over the middle. The flange end will point towards the front of the car, and the curved end of the rear pipe will go towards the muffler.

  6. Loosely fit the pipe into the muffler section and then roll it around and in to the exhaust hanger. Struggle for a while while someone takes pictures of your misfortune.


  7. Extend the front potion of the pipe out to meet up with the flange of the front pipe.

  8. Rotate the flange until it matches up with the flange’s bolt holes.

  9. Loosely reinstall the stock spring bolt and nut set using your 14 & 12mm.


  10. Slip one of the small exhaust clamps over each side of the 90 degree bends.

  11. The 90 degree bends for the exhaust tips have a short end and a long end. The short end will go into the muffler.



  12. Loosely fit the tip into place on both sides using the two remaining exhaust clamps.

  13. With the tips now installed, shift around the exhaust system until you’re happy with it sitting even in the bumper. You can adjust it at any of the slip joints, or the way it’s positioned in the exhaust hanger.

  14. Adjust the tips in and out until you’re happy with those as well.

  15. Now starting at the tips, slowly tighten the exhaust clamps down. Make sure you can’t see into the pipe through the splits in the slip fit, and that the clamp is over the split portion. Move your way all the way forwards and end with tightening the spring bolts. The smaller clamps require a 10mm socket, while the larger clamps utilise a 13mm.

  16. Last but not least, wipe down the exhaust with denatured alcohol, or brake cleaner to remove any oil, fingerprints, etc. that may have gotten on there during the install process. This should prevent those ofrom beign burnt into the metal permanently.

  17. You’re all done! Go out and enjoy!



CARB Sticker Application

(Where Applicable)

  1. Apply the supplied CARB sticker in a clear, easy to find location.  Typically underhood, or on the radiator core support.



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