Map Notes for A7 Jetta GLI

Supported Vehicles:

  • USDM Volkswagen A7 GLI (MT & DSG)

    • VLK_CXCA_5G0906259Q

    • VLK_CXCA_5G0906259T


Map Revision:







Stage1+Flex Fuel


Required Accessport Firmware: 

  • AP3-VLK-002:


Map Availability: 

For more information on CARB Exemption Orders for this vehicle as well as the actual letter check out our page CARB EO numbers for COBB VW Products


COBB Custom ECU Features:

These cars offer a variety of added features such as launch control and traction control. For more information check out our guide

We've noticed a few simple issues can cause flashing your car to fail so it's critical to watch out for these problems.

  • A 10-12 amp battery charger is CRITICAL to keep the voltage stable when flashing, if the voltage goes too low it can cause the flash to fail or brick the module.

  • If your key's battery gets low and dies or you walk away, the key can become disconnected from the car and cause the ECU to lose flash mode.

  • Make sure to disable bluetooth on your cellphone as the process in which it connects to the stereo can also cause the flash to fail.




Fuel Requirements:

Each map lists the minimum required octane. A higher octane fuel can be used safely on a map designed for lower octane. DO NOT use maps designed for higher octane with lower octane fuels. Top Tier gasoline should be used where available.

  • Maps designated with "91 OCT or 95 RON " are for use with 91 and 92 octane/95 RON fuel or better.

  • Maps designated with "93 OCT or 98 RON" are for use with 93 octane/98 RON fuel or better.

    • 94 octane with 0% Ethanol should run the ACN91 Map.

Running 0% Ethanol Fuels

These maps are designed for E10 fuel (fuel with 10% ethanol content). For those who only have access to E0 fuel (fuel with 0% ethanol) it is recommended to use the "91" and "ACN91" octane versions of the maps and datalog the car to ensure your fuel is performing to the necessary level. This is especially important for those using Canadian 94 octane E0 fuel. 





ower output (1).png




E## refers to the ethanol content (E) in % (##). So in the case of E10, it is 10% ethanol (Pump gas is typically between 7 & 15%)

Stage+Flex Fuel

Peak Power is achieved at 30% ethanol content

  • CARB EO: D-660-37

  • Intake Requirements : 

  • Exhaust requirements : Stock exhaust or COBB MK7.5 Cat-Back Exhaust 5V2110

  • Boost Target:

    • 91 Octane 95 RON Minimum: ~22.5 psi peak boost pressure tapering down to ~13psi as you approach the 6800RPM redline, +/- ~2psi.

    • 93 Octane 98 RON Minimum: ~23.5 psi peak boost pressure tapering down to ~14psi as you approach the 6800RPM redline, +/- ~2psi.

    • Ethanol: As much as an additional 2psi peak boost pressure with the most at 30% ethanol (E30)

These maps are optimized for use with a stock fuel system. The stock fuel system is maxes out with a blend of E30 (30% ethanol). Ethanol content beyond E30 will trigger a custom COB13 DTC, indicating power output has been reduced.






Non Performance Maps

Anti-Theft Mode

  • Will not allow vehicle to start



  • Fuel Requirements:

    • 91 octane or better

  • Intake Requirements: Stock airbox and stock air filter

  • Exhaust Requirements: Stock exhaust

  • Boost Targets: Mechanical minimum

  • Rev Limiter: 3000RPM

*Not intended for aggressive driving*



Revision Notes: 







Fixed issue with rpm limiter in CCF launch control


Updated for backend improvements.  Fixed bug where CCF adjustments sometimes wouldn't work via AP


Fixes for factory impulse combustion  operation


Updated for Bug Fixes


No calibration changes.

Maps have been updated to eliminate unnecessary DTC suppression.

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