Quick Fix: Focus ST MAP Sensor FMIC Issues

How To Fix:Map Sensor Incompatilibity with COBB Front Mount Intercooler System.

Applicable Vehicles :

  • Ford Focus ST 2013-16 (Non-North American Models)

How to tell if you have a problem :

One of the few differences between North-American and some of the World Market Focus ST vehicles is that it utilizes a Volvo MAP sensor in it's intercooler.  While this sensor is electronically identical to the US counterpoint and reads manifold pressure identically, it has a slightly different mounting pattern, and as a result will not bolt on to the COBB FMIC kit.



World Market Sensor by Volvo

(click to enlarge)


USDM Sensor AG9Z9F79B

(click to enlarge)

How to Fix Problem:

The sensor's internals and connector function identically despite it's slightly different mounting pattern.  As a result you can order a USDM sensor as a direct plug-and-play replacement for your Volvo MAP sensor.



  • FMIC
    • Front Mount Intercooler
  • MAP sensor
    • a sensor which reads Manifold Absolute Pressure
  • World Market
    • Vehicles built the same which were intended for sale in multiple markets (i.e. Australia, South Africa, China, UK, etc.)





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