9B2760, 9B1760 - COBB BMW 135i, 135is, 335i, 335is Sport Springs [Discontinued]

9B2760 – Sport Springs

135i, 335i 2007-2011

135is, 335is 2013

Congratulations on your purchase of the COBB Tuning BMW Sport Springs! The following instructions will assist you through the installation process. Please read them BEFORE beginning the install to familiarize yourself with the steps and tools needed. If you feel you cannot properly perform this installation, we HIGHLY recommend you take the vehicle to a qualified and experienced automotive technician.

Table of Contents

Installation of the COBB Sport Front Springs

  1. Lift and safely support the vehicle on Jack Stands in a flat, level area
  2. Remove Strut tower bar bolt with an E18 ETORX socket and push to the side for access to the 3 x 13mm nuts that hold the front suspension assembly to the car.

  3. Remove the Front Wheels

  4. Disconnect the front sway bar end links using a 17mm and 16mm wrench.

  5. Loosen and remove the strut collar bolt using an 18mm socket and wrench.

  6. Move the brake line b racket from behind the strut collar to the side once the strut collar hardware has been removed.

  7. Disconnect the front steering rack and wishbone arm using a 21mm wrench and a T40 Torx socket.  This is not absolutely necessary on the 3 series since there is more than enough space tto swing the front suspension assembly out past the fender, but it will make the removal of the strut easier.  For the 1 series this will need to be done in order to avoid damaging your front fenders.

  8. Move a floor jack underneath the brake rotor.

  9. Remove the plastic cap on the top of the strut.  Next remove the 3 x 13mm nuts that hold the front suspension assembly to the car.  Be careful, as when these are removed the front suspension will be free to fall.

  10. Slowly lower the front suspension assembly using the jack.  Be careful not to let the top fall as it may hit the fender.  Push down on the hub in order to carefully rotate the suspension assembly out of the fender.

  11. Use a large screw driver or a chisel and hammer to pry apart the front hub collar.  A pry bar may also be used.

  12. Slide the strut assembly out of the hub.

  13. Using a spring compressor, compress the front spring.

  14. Remove the top hat with a 21mm socket while the spring is still compressed. A T40 TORX socket will need to be used to prevent the shaft from spinning when you loosen the 21mm nut. An O2 sensor socket with a pass through for the T40 socket maybe necessary.
    *Caution: If the spring is not compressed fully, the top hat will shoot off the assembly as you loosen the 21mm bolt due to the compression of the spring.*

  15. Replace the spring with the COBB sport front spring.
  16. Reinstall the top hat and torque down the top hat bolt.

  17. Slide the front suspension assembly back into the hub. Remove the chisel if used.

  18. Put the brake line routing bracket back between the collar slit and reinstall the 18mm collar bolt and nut.

  19. Next push down on the strut and slide the suspension assembly underneath the fender.

  20. Place a floor jack underneath the brake rotor and slowly lift the suspension up. Line up the three studs to the shock tower holes as you slowly raise the suspension up.

  21. Secure the suspension to the strut tower with the 3x 13mm nuts and refit the plastic cap.

  22. Reattach the steering rack rod and wishbone arm if removed in step 6.

  23. Reattach the endlink to the strut.

  24. Repeat the process for the other side.

  25. Reinstall the wheels and torque down to 88lbfts.  

Installation of the COBB Sport Rear Springs

  1. Remove the rear wheels with a 17mm deep socket.

  2. Remove the bottom screws and nut from underneath the rear damper which is attached to the control arm. Use an E12 inverted Torx socket to remove the 2 screws and a 17mm socket to remove the nut on the bottom of the damper.

  3. Place a floor jack underneath the rear control arm.

  4. Remove the 21mm Socket and nut holding the control arm to the hub.


  5. Remove the floor jack and pull down on the rear control arm in order to remove the stock rear spring

  6. Reusing the original rubber seats install the COBB sport springs.  Make certain that your spring seats aren't damaged as cracks or voids can cause suspension noise down the road.

  7. Once the springs are installed you can go ahead and reinstall everything in the reverse order of removal, then go out and enjoy!

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