MK8 Common Issues and fun tips! (Stock)


  • The buttons on the steering wheel have two levels of “push” to them. A light push is a small change while a hard push is typically a larger change (typically 1 vs 5)

    • Similarly swiping the buttons does a large change as well

  • In the climate control screen if you tap the temperature number it will pull up a bar and you can drag the temperature target where you want it.

  • Coming to a stop and turning off the car puts the car in park and sets the parking brake.

  • The parking brake will automatically come off if you start driving, just go easy on the throttle to minimize the lurching as it does stay applied for a little bit.

  • Lowest Gear Downshift (works on other vw/audi products as well)

    • Hold the left paddle in any drive mode and the car will drop to the “lowest” gear allowed at the time

  • To return to automatic shifting from manual mode hold the right paddle.


These behaviors occur with the vehicle completely stock and aren’t a result from a tune etc.

  • Loud boom/white noise from stereo followed by no sound from speakers.

    • Fixed by pulling the fuse for the multi-function display to reset it.

    • On some occasions where pulling the fuse doesn’t fix it, letting the car sit for a little bit may resolve it, if not, unhook the battery and try again.

  • Lane assist/parking assist/sensors/adaptive cruise not available

    • Commonly happens when pulling in and out of parking spot of shaded area or in the rain. Weird obstructions cause the message and then it appears to resolve itself.

    • This is allegedly fixed by a steering wheel replacement at the dealership.

  • Daylight savings time applied a day early and then a second time on the actual day.

    • need to go into the settings and change time to manual and then back to automatic and it should be fixed.

  • Random errors may appear/cause the MFD (multi-function display) to crash if the car is parked in sunlight on an extremely hot day for a long time.

    • Pulling the MFD fuse to reset will resolve.

  • No start after flash (typically after flashing multiple times in a row without driving the car)

    • In some conditions the vehicle will not start after a successful flash. Giving the car 5 minutes to sit while turned off with the key well away from the vehicle (it will keep modules on) should allw the car to reset and start properly.


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