How To: Locate and Remove PDK Module

How To: Locate PDK Module

Applicable Model/Year: Porsche 991 NA, Porsche 991 Turbo, Porsche 981

  • Porsche 991 Base, S, GTS
  • Porsche 991 Turbo Base and S
  • Porsche 981 Base, S, GTS, GT4 Clubsport

Note: This step for locating the PDK Module is to be used in the event an Unknown ROM on the PDK is found. Because the PDK ROM Dump process takes so long, it is not possible to complete without sending in the PDK Module. Before completing the below steps, check to make sure the Accessport is up-to-date on the latest firmware. 

Porsche 981 Base, S, GTS


Steps to Use:

  1. Locate the rear of the vehicle

  2. Open the trunk and locate the left side carpet

  3. Peel back and move aside the carpet that meets the side wall and bottom of the carpet. The PDK module is located here. 

  4. Continue to move aide the carpet to get enough room to remove the wire harness. It will be necessary to undo the clips holding in the harness. Simply push the handle to the side, and then the harness can pull out.

  5. That's it! The PDK can now be sent to COBB Tuning Headquarters and have the ROM manually dumped. 

Porsche 991 NA and 991 Turbo

1. Locate the rear passenger seat of the vehicle

2. Lift the seat up and pull the carpet back to expose the wires connecting to the PDK Module. It will become necessary at this point to remove some interior molding in order to completely remove the PDK module.


  • PDK Module
    • Porsche Doppelkupplung Module
      • Called various names by different vehicle manufacturers such as DSG Module or TCM. They are all terms used to describe the computer in charge of running the operation of the transmission, this is specific to Porsche PDK Transmissions. 
  • ROM
    • A term used for the firmware file used by your vehicle's computer in order to run the car.

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