How To: Perform Clutch Touchpoint Re-Learn on GTR

How To: Perform Clutch Touchpoint Re-learn

Applicable Model/Year: 

  • 08-18 Nissan GTR

How To Enable:

  • This feature comes standard on all AP3-NIS-006 and AP3-NIS-008 Accessports


If you have previously made adjustments to your touch points make sure you set it back to a value of 0 BEFORE performing a clutch gear learn.

Steps to Use:

  1.  Start up your car and let it warm up transmission between 50C and 85C (122F to 185F)

  2. Go to the "Troubleshooting" menu

  3. Select "TCM Service"

  4. Select "Clutch Gear Learn"

  5. Follow on-screen instructions and make sure to keep your foot off the accelerator until you're finished!

Available Adjustments and How to Make them:

  1. Go to the "Troubleshooting" Menu
  2. Select "TCM Service"
  3. Select "Touchpoint Adjustment"
  4. Either increase or lower each value to your satisfaction.

When And Why To Adjust:

Performing a clutch gear learn allows the transmission to verify the location of the clutches in the transmission and how thick they are.  This enables the computer to make adjustments to clutch engagement as the transmission wears over time.  Adjusting Clutch Torque will increase clamping force and can help higher horsepower vehicles hold the power a little bit better.  ON STOCK TRANSMISSIONS MAKE SURE TO KEEP THIS VALUE UNDER FOUR TO PREVENT DAMAGE.  Touch Point Correction alters the point at which the clutch engages.  Higher values can allow the vehicle to creep forward slightly more with your foot off the gas (more like an automatic transmission), but can also cause undue wear on the clutches and transmission.  Lower values will allow the car to coast more with your foot off the gas and act more like a manual transmission vehicle with the clutch pedal in.

Things To Look Out For:

Manually adjusting the value for the touchpoints set too high or too low can cause erratic or harsh shifting in addition to causing premature wear on the components of the transmission.  When setting touch points it is recommended to keep your value under 4 on a stock transmission, with custom built transmissions follow the recommendation of your builder.

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