Porsche/VW Keeps Turning Off During Flash/ Voltage Issues

How To Fix: Vehicle Shutting Down During Flash

Applicable Vehicles :

  • 991.2
  • 991.2 Turbo
  • 718

How to tell if you have a problem :

Sometimes when flashing a newer Porsche or Volkswagen vehicle with a low battery, even running a charger on it may not be enough.  This issue presents itself as a random shutting down of the vehicle during the flash process, which can sometimes lead to needing to recover the vehicle.

How to Fix Problem:

In order to keep this from happening, you can essentially give the car a poke to keep it from falling asleep by doing what we call "The German Key Bump."  To do so, while keeping your foot off of the brake simply give the key a quick turn to the right as if you were starting it.  Doing so should keep the vehicle and it's computer awake.  We'll typically do it every 30% of the loading bar or so.

Keeping your foot off of the brake is critical during this process.  Having it on the brake can lead to an attempted start of the vehicle while it's flashing and may result in the ECU going in to recovery mode.

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