Gasoline (Petrol) Particulate Filter (GPF/PPF/OPF) ID

What Is GPF?

An item of many names (Gasoline Particulate FIlter, Petrol Particulate Filter, Ottopartikelfilter) these filters are a new form of emissions control that came from the diesel world and are now beginning to migrate over to Gasoline Direct Injection vehicles.  It was developed in order to control partulcate emissions is typically placed AFTER the factory catalytic converter.  It's main goal is to reduce the particle emissions from the exhaust stream in orer to meet standards in the EU (Euro6) and China (China6).  It also has the benefit of reducing engine emissions when there is a fault occuring in the engine that would otherwise cause emissions to increase such as increased oil consumption.  It also helps to regulate currently unregulated items such as PAH (Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons).

The most recent world market GTIs potentially include some additional emissions-related components. It’s important to identify whether or not your GTI has those extra parts. Here are some tips to identify what you own in case you are not sure.  At face value, a GPF and Non-GPF car appear the same from the outside and mostly are the same…you also can’t ID them based on the VIN or any kind of marking. The easiest way to tell is to take a peek under the hood and at the exhaust.

This part of the exhaust that looks like a giant catalytic converter contains the GPF.

Here's a shot of the exhaust as a whole so you can see how it all fits together

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