Accessport Repair/Service Pricing

Accessport Repair/Service Pricing


Discontinued Part Numbers 

We no longer offer repairs or trade-ins on Accessports for the discontinued platforms or a V2 for Current platform.








Quick Reference Accessport Physical Repair

All non-warranty repairs are a minimum of $35+Shipping

APV3 Repairs 

All repairs costs are BEFORE SHIPPING.  When sending in an item for repairs you will be responsible for the cost of return shipping.

All repairs undergo a full diagnosis and test procedure to determine if additional repairs are needed. If so, our Repair Team will contact you to confirm. 

  • LCD Screen Replacement: $35-$70 plus shipping (depends on location/cause of damage)
  • Lens: $35 plus shipping
  • Plastic Case/Buttons: $35 plus shipping if only repair, free with other repairs
  • Major Repair/Service: $150 plus shipping (max price for physical repairs)

ECU Recovery 

All ECU Repair prices include 2-day air shipping in the US.  Any other shipping options or regions are extra.

With an Accessport: $80 plus AP repair costs

Without an Accessport: $200 plus AP repair costs