How To:Read and Clear Vehicle Codes (DTC/CEL/Vehicle Memory)

How To:Read and Clear Vehicle Codes (DTC/CEL/Vehicle Memory)

Applicable Model/Year: 

All Accessport-equipped vehicles.

How To Enable:

This feature comes as standard on all Accessports.

Steps to Use:

  1. Plug the Accessport into your vehicle.

  2. With the vehicle turned on but not running scroll down to the "Troubleshooting" Menu.

  3. From there select the desired option.

    Not all of the following options are available on every vehicle.

    1. Reset ECU - Clears trouble codes as well as any learned values in the ecu (ignition or fuel learning) for example DAM in Subaru or OAR/KOM in Ford vehicles.
    2. Reset CodesClears check engine lights/trouble codes but leaves any learned values intact.
    3. Clear Keep Alive Memory (KAM) - Ford Only.  This option only clears the learned values in the ECU.

  4. Once you've selected the desired option it should run.

  5. Turn the vehicle off before starting.

  6. You're all done!


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