6 Speed DSG Notes MK7 GTI / Audi A3(8V) / Alltrack / 4Motion Sportwagen

Supported Vehicles:

  • USDM Volkswagen GTI (Mk7) 2015-2018
  • USDM Audi A3 (8V)
  • USDM Golf Alltrack
  • USDM Golf Sportwagen 4Motion

    • Supported Definition Files:
      • 0D9300011S
      • 0D9300012
      • 0D9300012F
      • 0D9300012k
      • 0D9300012L
      • 0D9300013B
      • 0D9300014Q
      • 0D9300020D
      • 0D9300020G
      • 0D9300020J
      • 0D9300020L
      • 0D9300020N
      • 0D9300020Q
      • 0D9300020S
      • 0D9300040S
      • 0D9300040L
      • 0D9300041C
      • 0D9300041T
      • 0D9300042H
      • 0D9300042S
      • 0D9300043F

Map Revision:

Map NameRevision
Simulated Stockv101
COBB Sportv101

COBB Aggressive


DSG Tuning Activation: 

  •  If you did not initially purchase your Accessport with DSG support, please contact the COBB Tuning customer service team via phone or email.  

Required Accessport Firmware:

  •  AP3-VLK-002-DSG: or Greater

Map Availability:

ECU Map Note Locations:

DSG Map Notes

Stock Turbo

IS38 Turbo

The shift points at full throttle have been selected based on achieving the maximum torque to the wheels based on dyno results recorded at COBB HQ.

Performance Maps

COBB Aggressive IS38 v101

  • COBB OEM+ and Sport features.

  • Aggressive shift point changes above 2000rpm
  • Sport mode holds 5th gear until above 6200rpm+
  • Shift points optimized for tuned is38 turbo equipped vehicles
  • Not Currently Available for A3

COBB Aggressive v101

  • COBB OEM+ and Sport features.

  • Aggressive shift point changes above 2000rpm
  • Sport mode holds 5th gear until above 6200rpm+

COBB Sport v101

  • OEM+ Features

  • Optimized Sport mode shift schedules. 4-500rpm higher than stock.

  • WOT shift points optimized for stock turbo

  • Forced shifts in manual mode disabled

COBB OEM+ v101

  • Improvements to torque management strategy
  • Reduced shift delay in manual mode
  • Enabled gear display in all modes
  • Shift time decreased
  • Shift schedule is left STOCK
  • Launch Limiter Removed

Non-Performance Maps

  • Simulated Stock v100

    • Simulated Stock Calibration. For use when stock-like behavior is desired. DOES NOT UNINSTALL ACCESSPORT FROM THE ECU. 

C.A.R.B Note

The above DSG calibrations are legal for use on Emissions Controlled Vehicles in all 50 states when used in accordance with the manufacturer's application guide because it and the parts have a California Air Resources Board (CARB) Executive Order (EO) number: d-660-33

All maps are intended for internally stock DSG transmissions.  Any modifications to the clutches etc. will require a custom tune.

Use of an inappropriate calibration for the modifications found on the vehicle may cause damage.

Revision Notes:

Map VersionNotes:
  • Fixed missing gear indicator when in "Automatic Mode" on DSG maps.
  • Fixed an issue when in "Manual Mode" kickdown would activate unintentionally.
  • Initial Release Calibration.