How to: Perform Factory DSG Functions

How to: Perform Factory DSG Functions

Applicable Model/Year: 

  • Volkswagen MK7 GTI DSG 2012 - 2017

  • Volkswagen MK7 Golf R DSG 2015 - 2017

How To Enable:

To perform the various functions the menu can be accessed in the following way.

  1. From the main menu select Troubleshooting



  2. Then go into TCM Service



  3. Select one of the desired functions




  4. Most functions will require you to perform the Default Setting of DSG option afterwards.  If this is not done you will see a DTC (P175F/29E9).  Flashing the module will cause it to go away temporarily but it will return after the vehicle is started.  If you get this DTC simply run the Default Setting of DSG function and it should go away.


List of Available Functions

  • Clear Clutch Behavior (Learned)

  • Clear Clutch One Saved Data

  • Clear Clutch Two Saved Data

  • Clear Gear Selector Information

  • Clear start/stop processes count

  • Clutch Touchpoint Calibration

  • Default Setting of DSG - If you run any other functions you should run this afterwards

  • Initialize Clutch Fast Learn

  • Reset CAN Info to Default

  • Reset Selector Position Use

When to use them

These are all factory service procedures that would otherwise be performed on your dsg when visiting the dealership for varying maintenance procedures.  For most functions it is necessary to run the Default Setting of DSG function afterwards.  For more information on what these do and when to use them please refer to your factory service manual.

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