How to transfer maps and datalogs using Accessport Manager as Backup

Applicable Model/Year: 

All Accessport Compatible Vehicles.

How To Enable:

Install Accessport Manager

  1. Visit our website and download Accessport Manager (see link in the Link Dump)

Steps to Use:

Connecting to Accessport Manager:

  1. Plug your Accessport into your computer
  2. Open up Accessport Manager
  3. Click "Connect" (if Auto Connect isn't turned on)

Adding files to the Accessport:

  1. On the Right hand side of Accessport Manager select "Import File(s) to Accessport"     
  2. Choose the file you wish to put onto your Accessport
  3. Click "Open" and your file will be moved over onto your Accessport
  4. Once the transfer is finished click "Disconnect" and you're ready to go install your new map on the car!

Taking files off the Accessport:

  1. On the main screen select the file you want to take off (you may need to filter the results to find the correct item)
  2. If you want to select more than one file you may need to hold the CTRL button (CMD on MAC) on your keyboard when selecting items
  3. After selecting everything you wish to put on your computer click "Save selected file(s) to my computer" 
  4. Input a destination folder for your items.
  5. Click "ok", and you're done!

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