Quick Fix: Ford Focus ST Beeping Under Hood

How To Fix: Focus ST Beeping Sound Under Hood

Applicable Vehicles :

  • Focus ST 2013-2016

How to tell if you have a problem :

If you hear a beeping coming from under the hood of your vehicle.  This is a feature which Ford has implemented for diagnosis of the sound symposer system. It may or may not show the DTC's p26DB, p26dd, or p26de.  However they will not light up your check engine light.  Ford has a few ways of fixing it but one of them just involves leaving it as-is.  Ford does have a replacement sound symposer unit as well, however if you are out of warranty, simply unplugging it may be the answer.

How to Fix Problem:

There are two different options you are able to try in order to disable the beeping.   The first one would be to go into the troubleshooting menu option on the Accessport and reset the KAM.  If this doesn't stop the beeping you can simply go under the hood and unplug the symposer itself.  Another option is to go to a Protuner and have them disable the sound symposer using the toggle menu under Advanced Parameters in Accesstuner Pro.

Sound Symposer Connector

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