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2010-2013 Legacy GT

2009-2010 2.5 GT

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Congratulations on your purchase of the COBB Tuning MAF Block Off Plate! The following instructions will assist you through your installation process. Please read them first BEFORE beginning the install and familiarize yourself with the steps and tools needed. If you feel that you cannot properly perform this installation, we HIGHLY recommend you take the vehicle to a qualified and experienced automotive technician.

Warning! The installation of this MAF Block Off Plate requires that the vehicle be tuned for speed density or a blow through setup.

Parts List

  •  1 - Block Off Plate w/ O-Ring Installed  
  •  2 - M4x10 Button Head Cap Screws
  •  2 - M4 Nylon Washers 
  •  2 - Zip Ties 
  • M2.5 Allen Key

Tools Needed

  •  M2.5 Allen Key
  •  M3 Allen Key 
  •  Phillips Head Screwdriver

Removal of Stock MAF Sensor

  1. If you have a COBB SF Intake without an airbox or a stock intake, please skip to step 2. If using a COBB Tuning Airbox, use a M2.5 allen key to remove the four button head screws that hold the lid to the air box and remove the lid.

  2.  Unplug MAF Sensor from stock harness.

  3. Using a M3 allen key (COBB SF Intake) or phillips head screwdriver (Stock Intake), remove the two screws that hold the MAF sensor to the COBB MAF Housing or a phillips head screwdriver to remove the two screws on the stock intake.

  4.  Remove the MAF sensor and set it aside.

Installation of COBB Tuning Block Off Plate

  1. Put COBB Block Off Plate into the MAF Housing or Stock Airbox.

  2.  Using a M2.5 Allen key, secure the Block Off Plate with the two M4 nylon washers and M4 button head cap screws. Hand tighten.

  3.  Zip tie the MAF wiring harness out of the way, unless you are using a blow through configuration that places the MAF sensor somewhere else.

  4.  If using the COBB Tuning Intake Airbox, make sure to reattach the lid using a M2.5 Allen key and the five nylon washers and screws you removed earlier.

  5.  Congratulations on installation of the COBB Tuning Block Off Plate!

            Remember! You MUST be properly tuned for speed density or a blow through configuration after installing the MAF Block Off Plate!