COBB SF Intake on STI Type RA

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The Solution

The solution is actually pretty simple, if you simply use the stock scoop off of a 2018 STI, it will be able to fit with no issues onto the car, as well as into the COBB SF Airbox.  These scoops are available online from various sources, or at your local dealership and are relatively inexpensive if you look around.

Parts Required

OEM Subaru WRX STI Snorkel 15-18 pn: 46012AG001

Intake Comparison and Why it Doesn't Fit

While the RA intake is quite similar, there are some consistent differences between the RA airbox and the STI one including different sized tabs where the two halves of the housing meet, and additional reinforcement.  While this doesn't make a huge difference when removing the factory airbox to install an aftermarket one, you will run into issues with intakes like ours where they use the factory air snorkel.  While from a top view they look pretty similar, the bottom side and the point where the intake snorkel connects to the airbox are pretty significantly different as you can see from the pictures below.  As a result of the englarged outlet end and change in shape, if you attempt to install the snorkel along with the airbox, you'll end up hitting the top and not fitting appropriately in the side of the airbox.

Stock 18 STI snorkel on top RA snorkel on bottom

Stock 18 STI snorkel on right RA snorkel on left

Stock 18 STI snorkel on left RA snorkel on right

Stock 18 STI Air snorkel with RA Airbox for size comparison

Complete OEM Type RA Intake and Airbox

SF Airbox with STI Snorkel

SF Airbox with RA Snorkel

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