Common Problem: Coolant System Failure / Vacuum Solenoid (991.1)

How To Fix:Coolant Leak Solenoid Failure (991.1)

Applicable Vehicles :

  • 911 (991.1) Turbo (may impact additional 991.1 models)

How to tell if you have a problem :

Our 2014 911 Turbo (affectionately called Big Bird) was running perfectly fine until one day we ended up with a cooling system fault on the dashboard. After checking the car it turned out we were also getting a P1432 check engine light(CEL/DTC) for "Vacuum System Leaking - Cooling System Fault"

The fault turned out to be caused by a failure of one of the solenoids directing vacuum to various points on the cooling system.  There are multiple used so it's worth checking all of them to replace them all at once if needed.    The easiest indicator of issues with one of the solenoids is the melting plastic indicating an internal problem with the solenoid itself.

How to Fix Problem:

The problem has been recognized and the parts updated by the dealership. With the solenoids being upgraded to a new part with a sturdier housing.

pn 7PP 906 283 F

As well as a new harness to adapt the old harness for these new solenoids.

pn 991 612 944 00

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