Quick Fix: Macan Limp Mode Caused by a Boost Leak

How To Fix: Common Boost Leaks on your Macan which causes Limp Mode

Applicable Vehicles :

Seems to affect all years makes and models.

  • 2015-2018 95B Macan S/Macan Turbo

  • 2017-2018 95B Macan GTS

How to tell if you have a problem : 

When accelerating aggressively at some point (higher boost levels) your vehicle will light up the check engine light and normally there will be a corresponding error code(s) stored.


Note that your Macan might not seem to have an issue until AFTER the Accessport is installed/flashed. This is because after flashing, higher load levels are being requested (higher boost levels) so there are times where the lower stock boost levels will not seem to cause any issues but after the Accessport is installed the issue "appears" or pops up. This is a function of slightly higher stress on the on charge piping system which will highlight the weakest part or in this case a loose or improperly seated clamp to start leaking. This is not a tune related issue nor does it require a custom map, this is simply a mechanical issue that can be easily fixed.

How to Fix Problem : 

First check the throttle body hose clamp to ensure its located in the proper position and also tightened down securely.

We have seen these worm gear clamps in completely the incorrect position and also not tightened down on brand new Macans from the dealership. This is a very simple fix if yours does not look exactly like the one shown in this picture.

Follow these steps to correct:

  • Simply loosen back up the clamp and then push the rubber charge pipe fully onto the throttle body until it hits the stops (you will know when to stop).
  • Then make sure the silver clamp is located on the throttle body (green area) and tighten it down hand tight on top of the charge pipe.
  • Reset your ECU/Clear Codes found under the Troubleshooting menu of the Accessport.
  • Finally, retest by driving the vehicle at light throttle and also do a couple of WOT pulls. If all is well then very likely you fixed your only boost leak!

If this does not fix the problem the next step is to have a shop or your dealership perform a pressurized smoke test to see where else in the system there might be a boost leak. 

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