How To: Enable Factory Launch Control on Evolution X MR

How To: Enable Factory Launch Control on Evolution X MR

Applicable Model/Year: 

  • Mitsubishi Evolution X MR

How To Enable:

This is a stock feature and is available on all MR vehicles.

Steps to Use:

  1. Put the car into Super Sport mode.  To do so keep the car completely stationary and hold the drive mode switch forward for three seconds or until the dash says super sport.

  2. Turn traction control and Yaw Control off by pressing and holding the TC button.

  3. Shift the car into drive

  4. Mash the brake to the floor so that the car is unable to be moved.

  5. Quickly move the gas all the way down 100% (this is key to get it to enable)

  6. Release the brake quickly to launch your car.

Please note, this adds quite a large amount of stress to your MR. I would recommend you use LC sparingly. Sometimes vehicles will go into safe mode if they are not depressing the brake hard enough when they first initiate launch control.  This can also happen if they let off the brake to slowly when they try and launch.  

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