745100 - COBB 3 INCH SF INTAKE SYSTEM [Discontinued]




2015-2017 Subaru WRX


 Congratulations on your purchase of the COBB 3” SF Intake System for your 2015-2017 Subaru WRX! The following instructions will assist you through your installation process. Please read them first BEFORE beginning the install and familiarize yourself with the steps and tools needed. If    you feel that you cannot properly perform this installation, we HIGHLY recommend you take the vehicle to a qualified and experienced automotive technician.

Part List 

  • Sheetmetal Airbox
  • Sheetmetal Airbox Lid
  • Edge Trim
  • Trim Lock
  • COBB 3" Intake Pipe
  • Intake Engine Mount Bracket
  • 5 x SS Button Head Screws M4 x 10
  • 5 x 4mm Black Nylon Washers
  • 3 x Flange Head Bolt M6 x 16
  • Green Air Filter
  • 5mm, 3mm, 2.5mm Hex Keys
  • Machined MAF Adapter
  • Mounting Bracket
  • 2 x Socket Head Cap Screw M6 x 12
  • 45 Degree Coupler 
  • 2 x Hose Clamp
  • MAF Extension Harness
  • 2 x Socket Head Cap Screw M4 x 10
  • 5 x Lock Washer 6mm
  • 3 x Fender Washer  6mm x 18
  • Rubber Isolator
  • Flange Head Serrated Nut 6mm
  • Hex Nut 6mm

Tools Needed

  • Ratchet
  • 6-Point Sockets: 8mm, 10mm
  • 10mm Wrench
  • Socket Extensions
  • Scissors (To Cut Edge Trim)
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • 5mm, 3mm, 2.5mm Allen Wrench

Removal of Stock Intake

 Begin by opening the hood of your 2015 WRX and locating the stock airbox on the passenger side of the engine bay.

      2. Once the airbox is located, unattach the MAF sensor that is connected. Do this by pinching the insert in till you are able to slide the sensor out.

      3. Now time to uninstall the stock snorkel that feeds air into the intake. To do this you first need to remove the two push pins that are located near the front of the engine bay. Pop these up with
          a flathead screwdriver and pull out. Keep these push pins for when you need to reinstall the snorkel. Once the push pins are out you should be able to slide the snorkel out of the stock airbox.
          Keep the snorkel, this will be used with the COBB SF Intake.

      4. In order to take out the stock airbox, you first need to locate the two mounting bolts that hold it in place. Use a 10mm socket and extension if needed to remove these bolts.

      5. With the two bolts taken out, loosen the clamp attaching the intake pipe to the stock airbox. Do this using a flathead screwdriver or an 8mm socket. Once loose, wiggle the tube and push until it
          comes off of the airbox. 

      6. Now that the stock airbox is unbolted and not attached to the stock intake pipe, it’s time to pull the box out of the car. The easiest way to do this is to unlatch the airbox and take it out by each half.

      7. Once the stock airbox is out, you should be able to see the whole stock intake tube from where it connected to the airbox to where it connects to the turbo. You need to unbolt the pipe from
          the mounting bracket near the bottom of the car. Use a 10mm ratchet to loosen the bolt.

      8. Now that the pipe isn’t bolted down we need to loosen the clamp that connected the pipe to the turbo. Even though there are two clamps near the turbo side of the pipe, you only need to loosen the
          clamp that is holding the pipe to the turbo. In other words, this will be the clamp closest to the end of the pipe. Use an 8mm ratchet or screwdriver to loosen the clamp. Once the clamp is loose you
          should be able to pull the pipe off the turbo and out of the car.

      9. Once the stock intake pipe it out check to make sure no bolts were dropped in the uninstall process. Finally, take the MAF sensor out of the stock airbox. This will be used in the COBB SF Intake.

Installation of COBB SF 3” Intake and Filter

      1. Begin by checking to make sure you have all the parts needed to install the COBB 3” SF Intake System. If not please contact COBB customer service!

      2. Take the 3” intake pipe and place in the correct position in the car, make sure the side where the MAF will be installed is on the left side of the vehicle and is vertical. 

      3. The next step can be done in two methods. Method “A” is an easier way to connect the intake pipe to the turbo using the 45° coupler only if you have access to a car lift or can jack up the front end

          of the car. Method “B” is possible to do but difficult to get the coupler on all the way. 

                  A) 1. If using a car jack, make sure you block the back wheels so the car doesn’t move on you. When looking under your car, take a flathead screwdriver and take off a few push pins so that
                          you can push the plastic guard away and access the turbo from the bottom. 

                   2Once the push pins are out and you can access the COBB intake pipe and the turbo,place the 45° coupler on the pipe and position at the correct angle where it will also fit onto the turbo.
                       Once you feel it is in the right position, tighten the clamp down using an 8mm socket or screwdriver. 

                   3. Place the open end of the silicon coupler on the turbo. Make sure it is all the way on the turbo and tighten the clap around it using an 8mm socket or screwdriver.

                 4. Once the pipe is securely attached to the turbo, reinstall each push pin to their original location making sure the guard on the bottom is back in place. The rest of the install can be done
                     without the car jacked up.

           B)  1. From the top of the car and thintake pipe already placed in the car, place the 45° silicon coupler on the end of the pipe. Once the coupler is in the right position to also be able to
                    connect to the turbo, tighten the clamp using an 8mm ratchet or screwdriver
                 2. Once the silicon is secured on the intake tube place the other side of the silicon on the turbo and once secure tighten with an 8mm ratchet or screwdriver.

      4. Now with the COBB Intake Pipe secured to the turbo, place the stock MAF sensor inside the slot provided on the intake pipe. Make sure the sensor is facing the front of the car. Using the two
          M4 x 10mm socket head screws, bolt down the MAF to the pipe. Now take the M6 isolator provided and place in the mounting hole shown. Then place the bracket onto the isolator and thread
          on the M6 serrated nut, but do not tighten. Place the other side of the bracket to the mounting holes on the pipe. Thread in both M6 x 12mm socket head screws with a lock washer on each and
          tightenNow tighten the serrated nut securing the bracket to the isolator.

      5. With the intake pipe secured to the bracket and the turbo, it is time to plug in the MAF sensor before the filter and airbox is installed. Install the MAF Extension Harness between the sensor and the
          factory harness. The MAF sensor should just click right in! 

      6. Take the Green Filter along with its corresponding worm clamp and place on the end of the intake pipe. ONLY PLACE THE FILTER ABOUT 1 INCH FROM THE END OF THE PIPE. To do this I
          recommend measuring an inch from the end of the pipe and marking with a pencil. Then line up the edge of the filter with that mark. Once the filter is on, tighten the worm clamp using an 8mm
          ratchet or screwdriver. 

      7. With the filter in place and MAF plugged in, you can now begin installing the airbox. Before you do this be sure to place the edge lock and edge trim on the airbox and in the correct position. 

      8. Now you can place the airbox in the car. For correct fitment, LEAVE ALL BOLTS LOOSE ONCE THREADED. Once all of the mounting holes are lined up, begin to thread in the following bolt. Make
          sure each bolt has first a lock washer followed by a fender washer before threading in. DO NOT TIGHTEN! 

      9. Moving on to the other mounting points, begin by placing another M6 x 12mm bolt with a lock washer and a fender washer at the location labelled “1.”  DO NOT TIGHTEN! The last mounting
          location is located on the stock bracket. For this you first need to insert an M6 x12mm bolt with a fender washer on it. Once it is through the airbox and the bracket hole, place a lock washer
          followed by the 6mm nut on the end of the bolt. This mounting location is labelled “2.” DO NOT TIGHTEN! Once ALL bolts are threaded in loosely, use a 10mm ratchet with an extension if
          needed to tighten down the bolts. For location “3” you will need to use a 10mm wrench to secure the bolt and use the 10mm ratchet to tighten the bolt.

      10.  Now it is time to reinstall the stock snorkel. First slide the snorkel through the cutout in the COBB airbox. Once the snorkel is in position
            ,place the stock push pins back into their original position securing the snorkel.

      11. Take the airbox lid and place on top of the airbox. Using the five M4 x 10mm button head cap screws and the five 4mm nylon washers, thread in each screw to a mounting hole. Once all screws are
            threaded in you may begin to tighten. 

      12.  Finally, double check all steps and make sure all bolts are tight, then turn on your vehicle to ensure all connections are good. Installation of your new COBB 3” SF INTAKE SYSTEM is now