Common Problems: Ford Raptor Transmission Cooler Line Failure

Common Problems: Raptor Transmission Cooler Line Failure

Applicable Vehicles :

  • Ford Raptor 2018

How to tell if you have a problem :

On some vehicle the hose clamp securing the coolant line that runs to the transmission oil cooler was not put in to place.  While it is present on the hose someone on the assembly line failed to slide it down to actually make contact with the fitting on the transmission cooler itself.  If you have a coolant leak, smell burning coolant, or are overheating this is a good thing to find.  It's more likely to pop off if the car gets really hot or is under load in situations like stop and go traffic or, in our case, it will happen when the truck is on the dyno for a baseline run.

How to Fix Problem:

The best way is to either move the factory spring clamp down into the correct position on the transmission oil cooler assembly, or to replace it entirely with a new clamp to ensure you are leak free.


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