Fuel Injector Data: Subaru

Fuel Injector Data

Injector Dynamics 

As used in the COBB OTS maps.

Injector Dynamics Subaru Injector Data

Keep in mind that there are differences between similar injectors so the 1300x2 injector data is different from the 1300x data.  Additionally the 1050x data is different from the older 1000cc data.  In all cases you can run into significant issues if you run the incorrect data.

ID Contact Info

Phone: 214-607-9022

Or reach out to them here: Injector Dynamics Contact Link

ID 2600 INJ data as of 2/22/21 

ID2600XDS_Cobb_Subaru_07162020 .xlsx

Newer data may be available, please reach out to ID directly for the newest information.

ID has several iterations of injectors, make sure to check this article to see the differences to avoid issues

Tech Bulletin - COBB / Injector Dynamics "1300cc" Injectors

Fuel Injector Clinic

Fuel Injector Clinic Subaru Injector Data 

FIC Contact Info

Fuel Injector Clinic

12938 SE Suzanne Drive
Hobe Sound, FL 33455.

Phone: 561-427-0082

Or reach out to them here: Fuel Injector Clinic Contact Link

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Phone support available 9am to 6pm Monday-Thursday. 9am to 4pm Friday (CST)


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