Accessport Auto On/Off

How To: Accessport Auto On/Off

Applicable Model/Year: All support vehicles

How To Enable:

Our V3 Accessports with qualifying firmware offer an Auto On/Off feature. This feature, when enabled, allows the Accessport to power on when the vehicle is detected to be running and
shut down once the engine has been turned off. By default, this feature is disabled. If you wish to use this
feature, use the guide below.
On the Main Accessport page, scroll up until you see Setup and click the middle button.

From the list of options, choose Auto On/Off Settings

Enable Auto On/Off – This will enable the Auto On/Off feature
Enable Diagnostic Logging – You may be instructed by CSR to enable this function when diagnosing issues
Enable Low Battery Shutdown – This will shut the Accessport down if battery voltage drops below 10v

Steps to Use:

Setup → Auto On/Off Settings

Available Adjustments and How to Make them: 

A green bubble to the left of the option shows that it is Active, a grey bubble indicates it is inactive.

When And Why To Adjust:

If you'd like your Accessport to turn on and off when the ignition is turned off.

Things To Look Out For:

**Please keep in mind if you have any aftermarket electronics installed on the vehicle that may interfere with the ignition(ex. turbo timer, remote starter, etc..) you may run into issues using this feature.**


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