Mitsubishi [Discontinued]

This product and Accesstuner for this platform are no longer available and further support has been discontinued.  This page is solely meant to offer information for those who have purchased one used or still have one available to them.

Congratulations on your purchase of the AccessPORT for the Mitsubishi Evo 8 & 9.  For your added convenience, we have pre-loaded the following dyno tested maps onto your AccessPORT so you may begin enjoying the benefits right away. 

Accessport Part Number and Vehicle Coverage

 Serial Numbers Start - 411

  • Evo 8 2003 - 2005
  • Evo 9 2007 - 2008
  • Final Firmware Version

Mitsubishi EVO 8 & 9 Map Notes

  •  Maps Pre-Loaded on Accessport

    • Stage1 91 –Stage1 for Stock Vehicles. 91 or 92 octane fuel. +5% HP / +1.2% lb-ft

    • Stage1 91ACN –Stage1 designed specifically for AZ/CA/NV 91 octane fuel. +2% HP / +1.2% lb-ft.


    • Stage1 93 – Stage1 for Stock Vehicles. 93 or 94 octane fuel. +8% HP / +5.8% lb-ft

    • Stage2 91 –Stage2 using 91 or 92 octane fuel.  Requires turboback exhaust. +22%HP / +19% TQ

    • Stage2 91ACN –Stage2 specifically designed to be using 91 fuel from AZ/CA/NV.  Requires turboback exhaust. +22%HP / +19% TQ

    • Stage2 93 – Stage2 using 93 or 94 octane fuel.  Requires turboback exhaust. +22%HP / +19% TQ

    • Anti-Theft Mode – AnThis map was designed to not allow the vehicle to start.

    • Economy Mode –Economy mode requiring minimum 91 octane fuel. Low boost and increased ignition timing for optimal fuel savings. Not a performance map and not recommended for aggressive driving.  Intended for an otherwise stock vehicle

    • Installed Stock Mode – Intended for a 2008 Mitsubishi EVO X GSR or MR. Uses stock fuel, timing, and boost values for conditions when you need the vehicle's ECU to act like it is still stock. DOES NOT UNINSTALL AP FROM THE ECU.

    • Valet Mode –Valet mode operation. Lower Rev limiter and low boost.  Intended for an otherwise STOCK vehicle.

Accessport Functions

  • You can check and reset your Check Engine Light and various DTC codes (transmission and chassis modules).
  • You can use the AccessPORT to view various engine data with the Live Data function.
  • The AccessPORT can be used to measure and record 0-60 MPH and ¼ mile performance.

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