Map Notes for FK8 Civic Type R


Supported Vehicles

  • USDM Civic Type R

    • 2017 - 2021

Map Revisions:

Civic Type R

Civic Type R

  • Stage0 v101

  • Stage1 v101


Required Accessport Firmware

  • AP3-HON-001

Map Availability:

All maps come pre-installed on the Accessport. Download maps via the 



Fuel Requirements:

Each map lists the minimum required octane. A higher octane fuel can be used safely on a map designed for lower octane. DO NOT use maps designed for higher octane with lower octane fuels. Top Tier gasoline should be used where available.

  • Maps designated with "91 OCT or 95 RON " are for use with 91 and 92 octane/95 RON fuel or better.

  • Maps designated with "93 OCT or 98 RON" are for use with 93 octane/98 RON fuel or better.

    • 94 octane with 0% Ethanol should run the 91 Map.


Running 0% Ethanol Fuels

These maps are designed for E10 fuel (fuel with 10% ethanol content). For those who only have access to E0 fuel (fuel with 0% ethanol) it is recommended to use the "91" and "ACN91" octane versions of the maps and datalog the car to ensure your fuel is performing to the necessary level. This is especially important for those using Canadian 94 octane E0 fuel. 



Peak Increase compares the highest value present for each run regardless of RPM

Max HP/TQ is the largest difference when comparing stock vs tuned at a single RPM point

Average HP/TQ refers to the average value present over the entire RPM range

Power Output

Stage1 Hard Parts Requirements

  • Exhaust Requirements: Stock or upgraded catback exhaust.

  • Intake Requirements: Stock air box and filter.

  • Intercooler Requirements: Stock

  • Boost Level: 25psi +/- 1psi tapering down as you reach redline.

Non-Performance Maps


A map with stock calibration for diagnostic use

Flashing to the Stage0 map is not the same as uninstalling from the vehicle


Closing Warnings and Precautions:

  • Use of inappropriate calibration/modification combinations will promote engine damage.

  • Top Tier gasoline should be used where available. Use of lower quality fuels can result in catastrophic engine damage.








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