Sneaky Cable Management for VW/Audi Cars

If you utilise a windshield or other mounts that mount the AP to the left of the steering wheel, here’s an easy option to hide the cable (and keep it from being in the way)

  1. Plug your cable in to the OBDII port but not the Accessport yet.

  2. Using a trim tool or your fingers if you’re a monster, pop the end of the dash off. These can be fairly tight. You should see a gap you can pull the smaller AP end of the cable up from.

  3. Keeping the cable on the car side (not the outside) of any of the plastic ridges and clips needed to remount the trim piece, route it up to the Accessport and hold the trim up to get an idea of how much cable length you need.

  4. Once you’re happy with the length, bundle the rest of the cable up in the dash and secure it. You don’t want it coming down to tangle your feet.

  5. Reinstall the trim cap and you’re done!

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