Bronco (Full-Size) Wiper Delete


Wiper Removal

  1. Near the rounded base of the wiper arm where it meets the glass, gently pull outward and lift up, the plastic cover should flip out of the way, exposing a nut securing it to the wiper motor.

  2. Using a marker or paint pen, mark the location of the shaft of the wiper motor and the wiper arm at the same point. This way if you ever put it back on it whould lbe in the right spot.

  3. With a 13mm socket, undo the nut holding the arm to the glass.

  4. You’l now need to pop the arm off of the splines. Sometimes a little penetraing oil and wiggling will get it to come off easily. We usually use a battery terminal remover to pop it free. Once removed, set the arm somewhere safe.

  5. Moving inside, gently squeeze the edges of the outer trim piece to free it from the trim clips, you should now be able to see the motor underneath.

  6. Remove the 3 t-20 torx screws holding the motor to the plastic trim.

  7. Now remove the three 10mm nuts holding the motor to the glass.

  8. Once the motor is free, gently squeeze the release tab on the electrical connector and take it out of the motor.

  9. Everything should now be out of the way!



Wiper Delete Installation

  1. Insert the supplied o-ring into the ring cut into the back side of the wiper delete.

  2. Match up the rubber washer with the size of the glass to act as a centering device, then slip it over the stud on the back of the wiper delete.

  3. Taking the rear support bracket, insert the two rubber stoppers into either end to provide a bumper against the glass.


  4. Put the delete into place, and loosely install the rear bracket with the supplied palstic nut.

  5. Slide the OEM trim underneath it and see if you can position it so it rests under that rear bracket, and the studs are somewhat close to the holes in the trim.

  6. Tighten down the rear support bracket to hold the trim and rear wiper delete in place.

  7. Run down the three nuts with built in washers onto the studs. Try and position the trim in such a way as the washers will hold down on the trim slightly to hold the trim in place.

  8. Slip the connector of the wiring harness through the slot in the outer trim, and reinstall the outer trim piece to cover everything up.

  9. You’re all done! Go out and enjoy!


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